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02/20/10 11:30 PM
IREX DR800SG digital eBook reader photos and video review part 1

We've got the new IREX DR800SG Digital Reader in for review and have been using it extensively for a day. It's available online from, and they should stock it in stores in the coming months. The IREX has a few very special features that set it apart from other eInk readers on the market. These include a larger 8.1" eInk display (most are 6"), yet it's quite portable and looks diminutive next to the Kindle DX. It's shorter than the 7" Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-900, but wider.

The DR800SG works with a stylus and it uses a Wacom digitizer. You'd never know it since the screen is as clear and sharp as the Kindle and nook. This isn't a touch screen, it only works with the Wacom pen included in the box. The DR800SG sells for $399, same as the Sony PRS-900 which uses a touch screen rather than Wacom screen.

The IREX DR800SG works with DRM and non-DRM ePUB, PDF and PDB ebooks and .NP NewspaperDirect format periodicals. That means you can read Sony, Barnes & Noble, eReader, Kobo books and library books on the eBook reader. Sorry, it doesn't support Kindle format.

You can purchase and download books from Barnes & Noble and newspapers from NewspaperDirect (aka DisplayPress) directly to the device using the Verizon EV-DO 3G connection. There's no charge for wireless, though you do have to pay an extra $1 per newspaper for wireless delivery.

Here's part 1 of our video review where we take a look at what you get in the box and compare it to the Sony PRS-900, Kindle DX and Barnes & Noble nook.

Also be sure to check out Part 2 of our IREX DR800SG video review, where we take a deeper look at the IREX and its features. Feel free to post questions


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