Tong Zhang
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04/23/10 03:10 PM
iPad Game: Space Station: Frontier HD SciFi Tower Defense Game Available for the iPad

Origin8 are pleased to announce their first release on the Apple iPad platform. "Space Station: Frontier HD" is a port of their acclaimed real time strategy/tower defence hybrid "Space Station: Frontier", with graphics and interface optimized for iPad display.

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Improvements in "Space Station: Frontier HD" include:

- Detailed HD graphics that look great even at maximum zoom.
- Smooth rotation - flip from landscape to portrait mode instantly.
- Redesigned interface optimised for the device in both orientations.
- New minimap aids navigation around the field of play, and gives an overview of structures, resources and enemies.
- New backdrops make the most of the iPad's high resolution display.

From the app description:

You are the Overseer of a deep space mining operation, scouring the farthest reaches of the Solar System for valuable resources. It would be a peaceful job but for one thing: a vicious, mysterious alien race is violently contesting your claim to this territory. Now, as you harvest precious energy, you must also fortify your station, build up your firepower and defend humanity's domain on this new frontier!

- Construct weaponry and mining tools using an intuitive tower defense style interface.
- Design and power vast networks of structures, then defend them against alien incursion!
- Earn upgrades and unlocks for your space station to increase its power and abilities!
- Enjoy the story-based campaign mode where you are humanity's last chance for survival.
- Play one of the freeform, endless modes and compete with other players worldwide using the online leaderboards.
- Full OpenFeint integration provides multiple user profiles, complete offline support, online scores and lots achievements to earn.

Origin8 have also announced an upcoming update to both versions of the game that will add a head-to-head competitive multiplayer mode.

"Space Station: Frontier HD" is available for $4.99 from the iTunes App Store at


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