(Head Honcho)
05/12/10 11:38 PM
Video review: LG Ally Android Verizon phone

As we promised in our LG Ally first look review, here's our video review of Verizon's latest Android phone. The more we use the Ally, the more we like it-- good going LG and Verizon! Our full written review will follow in a day or two, and in the meantime, feel free to post questions.


(junior member)
05/13/10 12:28 PM
Re: Video review: LG Ally Android Verizon phone

Have not watched review yet...but...

laggy? how is the screen in sunlight? "radio" performance compared to others (meaning how is the -dB signal strength compared to Droid or HTC phones)? vibrate strong or weak? voice quality on both ends? speaker and speakerphone loudness?

(Head Honcho)
05/14/10 03:37 AM
Re: Video review: LG Ally Android Verizon phone

I think most of your questions are answered in our video and written review: . The speaker volume is decent-- not deafening but adequate unless you're in a very loud place (i.e.: sports stadium).

Outdoor screen visibility is average for non-iPhone (the iPhone is better) and non-AMOLED (AMOLED is poor outdoors) capacitive displays: it fades but is viewable.

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