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05/14/10 02:10 AM
Android phone review: LG Ally on Verizon

The LG Ally is the latest Android smartphone to join Verizon's lineup and we suspect it will trounce the similarly designed but more expensive Motorola Devour. Though the LG has fairly high end specs, it doesn't get the Droid designation (we're not sure what's up with that Droid thing). It has a 3.2", 800 x 480 capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch pinch zooming, an accelerometer and Android OS 2.1 Eclair. The slide-out QWERTY keyboard is roomy and better than the Moto Droid's and call quality is tops. The phone has WiFi, Bluetooth, a GPS that works with Google Maps (no VZ Navigator here) and a 3.2 megapixel camera that takes good photos. Definitely worth a look if you're craving a reasonably priced Android smartphone with a keyboard.

Read our LG Ally review.


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05/14/10 06:32 PM
Re: Android phone review: LG Ally on Verizon

Great review - first I've read pointing out the resolution/screen size and its affect on viewing content. Does anyone know if you can change the resolution to alleviate this issue? If so, how difficult to toggle (surfing versus video)?

I have an LG ENV3 and love the physical keyboard (large hands with a slight tremor) - was considering Incredible but the battery and reception issues have me concerned. This review, and others, have me leaning toward the LG Ally...

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05/14/10 06:41 PM
Re: Android phone review: LG Ally on Verizon

There's no way to change the resolution-- that's a ubiquitous feature on PCs but not phones and smartphones. However, pinch zooming really helps to effectively reduce resolution by making the elements of a web page or a photo larger.

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