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05/24/10 02:45 PM
T-Mobile pulls HTC HD2 firmware update

About a week ago, T-Mobile and HTC released a ROM upgrade for our beloved HTC HD2. The upgrade was supposed to improve stability and fix bugs, but the drawback with WinMo is that it also wipes out all your personal data (including Blockbuster movie rentals). So yours truly dragged her feet about flashing that big screen smartphone. And honestly, my HD2 behaves perfectly well, so I didn't feel a burning need to flash it.

The fates smile kindly on the lazy it seems, because T-Mobile has now pulled that firmware update, citing problems with the actual act of downloading (we experienced no problems) and with the behavior of the phone after the upgrade. It seems T-Mobile's forums have been abuzz with crashes, freezes and other unsavory stuff.

T-Mobile says the upgrade will return once they fix it up.

You can read T-Mobile's statement here.


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