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10/07/10 10:28 PM
Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo waiting for your download

The folks at Mozilla have been working hard to expand your browser choices. Beta 1 of Firefox 4 is available for free download though ATT Android users might have trouble installing this non-Market app. Remember, this is a beta, so it won't be perfect. I downloaded it on my T-Mobile G2 and it ran smoothly with responsive panning and multi-touch. Some background graphics forget to load in overview mode but appear when I zoomed in a bit.

Both Android and Maemo have excellent built-in web browsers, so Firefox has got its work cut out. There's no Flash support, but there are some nifty features including:

* Firefox Sync to create a seamless Web browsing experience between desktop
and mobile. Firefox Sync brings the browsing history, bookmarks, passwords,
form-fill data and open tabs across devices.

* Awesome Screen to help users go anywhere on the Web with minimal typing.

* Tabbed browsing in thumbnail view.

* Electrolysis, which increases performance by rendering the browser
interface and content separately.

* Layers, which improve the performance of graphics-intensive tasks such as
scrolling, zooming and animation.

Hey, it's free, so give it a shot if you're looking to try a fresh browser.


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