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11/23/10 09:49 PM
Review: Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-950 wireless Pearl E-Ink eBook Reader

E-Ink is far from dead, and Sony's doing a darned good job of keeping it alive with their innovative 2nd gen line of touch screen Pearl E-Ink readers. The Daily Edition PRS-950 is their high end model with WiFi, 3G and a 7" display. Gone is the murky gray glare from Sony's last gen models and now we have a sharp, clear eBook reader with responsive touch via Infrared. The Sony Reader works with ePUB and PDF from multiple sources, though Sony would appreciate it if you use the on-device store to buy some books, magazines and newspapers from them. With the recent price drop, the PRS-950 has a compelling set of features that justify its $50 higher price tag vs. the Kindle 3 and Nook "classic" ereaders.

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