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12/06/10 05:57 PM
Blog Casserole: iOS Tips, iAntivirus and nook?

Lately, I've had lots of small things pop up that have been blogworthy, but not really enough to fill an entire blog. Now, the most responsible method of journalism would probably be to set those items aside until I can find a more suitable place to publish them. But instead, I'm throwing them all together to make... Blog Casserole!

iOS 4.2 Tip: Did you know that iOS 4.2 has added a Find-in-Page command for Safari? You may have missed it because it's hard to find (ironic, I know). But if you type a search term into the "Google" field, in addition to getting the option to Google your search phrase, you will also get a "Find in Page" option.

iOS 4.2 Gripe: iOS 4.2 works great on my iPad, and reports indicate that it is speedy and works well on the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 too. But on my iPhone 3GS, it's not quite so great. The iPod app sometimes becomes extremely laggy - like, it can take 15 seconds or more to respond to a finger tap. Rearranging icons on the home screen is extremely laggy too. Not everyone with a 3GS has the same problems, but Apple's support forums confirm that I am by no means the only person having these issues. (Apple Forum Gripe: You could easily estimate that the problem reports on the forums are really only about half of the complaints people have submitted, since Apple may well have censored many other posts.)
Apple, please fix this.

iAntivirus? iDon't Think So For several months, I've been having problems with my MacBook Pro being painfully slow for a wide variety of tasks. Thinking it was just getting too old, I had been stressing and unsuccessfully trying to find a way to fit a faster computer into my budget. However, I always had a sneaking suspicion that my Mac had the potential to perform better than I was seeing, and I finally confirmed that suspicion earlier this week. Using Activity Monitor and a little research, I discovered that the culprit was iAntivirus, a free antivirus program I had installed. Turns out its background process monopolizes CPU cycles and brings your Mac to a crawl, sometimes even when it is idle. I purged all traces from iAntivirus from my MacBook, and the performance increase was so great that it is almost like getting a new Mac. iAntivirus is, frankly, a virus.

By nook or by crook? I sent in my Barnes and Noble nook for a warranty exchange a month ago. I still haven't received a replacement. After calling them twice, they told me they can't provide a tracking number or even confirm whether they have sent the replacement yet (although they acknowledge receiving the one I sent them), and it seems that pretty much the only thing they can say is "Wait another three weeks." I'm losing my patience on this one.

So there you go, take all of the above stories, combine them in a six-quart XML file, and bake them at 2.5 GHz for 90 milliseconds. Uh... yeah.

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12/07/10 06:38 PM
Re: Blog Casserole: iOS Tips, iAntivirus and nook?

About that Nook... have you escalated to a supervisor? Contacted the Better Business Bureau?

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