Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
01/21/11 03:55 PM
Don't Touch That iPhone, Alarm Security System Is Onboard

Do you often leave your iPhone or iPod touch in public places and worry that someone might take it? California based Nexscience LLC today announces Alarm Security System that not only provides security pin code to lock your device, but also can sense movement and trigger automatic alarm. The app even provides an option to record scream in your own voice "Help! Help! Someone Stealing Me! Please Call Police". "Shut Uppppppppppppp!", or whatever you want to play in order to freak out the person touching your iPhone or iPod. Here is more info:

While running, the alarm system detects the movement. When the alarm is triggered, a high-quality glass breaking sound is played to scare the person touching your phone, followed by loud police alarm with rotating bright police lights on screen. It will surprise and startle anyone who tried to take your device and want to steal your privacy information. It's like car alarm system voice to work.

Features Highlights:

* Automatic alarm. Triggers when the device is moved
* High-quality glass breaking sound followed by loud police voice
* Option to record and play scream in your own voice
* High-quality rotating police lights on screen
* Keep your privacy information safety
* Supports security Pin Code to lock your iPhone/iPod/iPad

Alarm Security System sells for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store:


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