Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
01/29/11 10:04 PM
The Shakespeare In Bits Series Taking Boring Out of Reading

If you love Shakespeare and have trouble getting your kids into it, here is an awesome series on the iPad for you to check out. It's innovative and fun! The Shakespeare In Bits series brings you this all-new fully-animated and fully-voiced study edition of Macbeth featuring Stephen Dillane and Fiona Shaw. More info:

Shakespeare In Bits features the complete original text combined with all-new dynamic-text features to make understanding quick and easy. Modern translations for difficult words and phrases are a touch away, along with complete study notes for each section, plot summaries, analysis, and everything else you need to make understanding Shakespeare a snap.

In addition, the entire play is presented alongside two-and-a-half hours of animation that illustrates every line of every scene. With a single touch you?ll be treated to a beautifully animated presentation of the current action demonstrating exactly what?s happening.

With all of the benefits of audio, dynamic text, notes editions, and film in a single, easy-to-navigate package, Shakespeare In Bits is the only study guide you?ll ever need.

Product Features:

-The unabridged original play text, broken into easily digested ?bits?.
- Complete notes, summaries, and analyses for each section.
-A unique in-line translation system for obscure words and phrases.
-Nearly two-and-a-half hours of animation, featuring the voices of Stephen Dillane and Fiona Shaw. (Audio provided by Naxos Audiobooks).
-Biographies for each character, accessed from the main play or through the cast browser.
-A character relationship map, demonstrating key relationships in the play.
-A side-by-side main play view that presents the animations and the text at the same time
-High-resolution animations
-A text highlight feature, that highlights the current line of text being spoken in the animation
-Text highlight while seeking through an animation video, which allows you to easily navigate to a particular line in an animation
-Simple tab-bar navigation through all of the features in the play

Shakespeare In Bits is available on both iPhone and iPad, and current offers Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet.

Macbeth for iPhone sells for $7.99 on:

Macbeth for iPad sells for $14.99 on:


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