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02/10/11 07:09 PM
Free YourVersion Android Tablet News App is Out, Sweet

YourVersion is a news reader app that pulls from myriad sources based on keywords and phrases you're interested in-- say "android tablets". It was a pleasant app on Android phones, but the tablet version is a cut above. The tablet app makes it easy to switch between your various keywords/interests and the tabs up to likewise make it easy to switch between news source types (all, news, blogs, webpages, Twitter and videos).

It has an inline viewer, so you can stay within the app when viewing webpages, tweeting and emailing. The tablet version of YourVersion requires a minimum resolution of 1024 x 600, and that pretty much means the Samsung Galaxy Tab for mainstreams tablets (the Dell Streak 7 is only 800 x 480 resolution).

It's free and requires that you create an account (so it can save your personalized sources, settings and allow you to share with friends). If you have a Galaxy Tab or other suitably high resolution Android tablet, check it out. If you have a lower resolution tablet or Android smartphone, there's the standard version of YourVersion, but the UI isn't as snazzy.


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