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02/14/11 05:15 PM
Facebook Phone, not so much, Facebook SIM card coming

Gemalto, one of the largest companies in the SIM card design and engineering space today announced something even more portable than a Facebook phone. It's the Facebook SIM card. That's right, pop this SIM card into any GSM (or we suppose LTE) phone and you've got Facebook on your phone, regardless of brand, type or carrier.

The SIM card has an embedded Facebook application, and Gemalto claims it's 100% compatible with all phones that use SIM cards.

The Facebook SIM card from Gemalto provides mobile subscribers with simple and convenient access to core Facebook features such as friend requests, status updates, wall posts or messages. It also offers unique functions: people can sign up for this service and log in directly from the SIM application. Interactive Facebook messages pop-up on the phone?s screen so people can always share up-to-the-minute posts and events. One can also automatically search their SIM phonebook for other friends and send them requests.

Facebook for SIM is extremely easy to use and is available to everyone. No data contract or application download is needed, because the software is embedded in the SIM and it uses SMS technology. As a result, it works for prepaid as well as for pay-monthly customers. Following an initial limited free trial period, Facebook for SIM then operates on a subscription model via an unlimited pass for a given period of time. We assume you'd want to have a text message plan with this service since it uses SMS for message receive and delivery.


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