Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
03/31/11 07:07 PM
New iPhone Game: Death Rally Combat Driving Is Here!

It's finally here! Remedy today released their top down vehicular combat game from 1996, Death Rally to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Collaborating closely with two of the leading iOS developers, Mountain Sheep and Cornfox and Bros, Death Rally has been completely revamped for Apple's technology, both in terms of visuals and gameplay mechanics. We will bring you a review very soon. Here is more info on this new iOS game:

Death Rally drops the player in the heart of death matches, challenging players to battle their way to the top while surviving the onslaught of bullets, missiles, and death-defying stunts.

Players start out with the trusty Vagabond, a reliable vehicle armed with a pea shooter. It?s not the fastest, doesn't have the best handling or armor, yet it?s just enough to survive the initial Death Rally. With each new bracket, Death Rally introduces more experienced opponents with faster cars and bigger guns looking to destroy anyone and everyone that gets in their way. Surviving and winning each race gives players more money to tune-up, repair, and upgrade their car. They can also upgrade to meaner guns and better cars to out drive and blow away the competition.

Death Rally is available now for a discounted price of $4.99, down a dollar from the soon to be official price of $5.99. You can get it from the iTunes App Store:


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