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04/01/11 06:58 PM
AT&T Announces free messaging with T-Mobile Pre-Merger

Today, ATT CEO Ralph de la Vega announced an innovative new free messaging system for their and T-Mobile's customers. This inter-network messaging plan is completely free, and proves that the proposed merger between Big Blue and Little Magenta will yield more affordable services.

The new messaging system uses simple technology that may pre-date POTS (plain old telephone system) landline technology. The "two cans and a string" messaging system requires items found in most homes and businesses, for little to no cash outlay. The system is so easy to use that AT&T PR spokesperson Warner May said "even a child can operate it".

Though you can BYOC (bring your own can), both AT&T and T-Mobile stores will offer stylish solutions that are sure to please. Both the iCan, with a stylish metal casing and satin polish finish reminiscent of Leica cameras and iString will be available. iString will be available in several spring-fresh festive colors and both carrier's stores will offer bumper cases for the iCan, which should improve both comfort and reception.

Like the iPhone 3GS, the iCan system is exclusive to the newly proposed mega-corp, and Verizon customers won't be offered the system. Verizon is testing AT&T's call quality claims and will follow with an official statement.

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