Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
04/06/11 05:25 PM
Upcoming iPhone Game: Knights vs Aliens Real Time Strategy Game from Prophetic Sky

The tower defense game specialist Prophetic Sky today announced Knights vs Aliens, a strategy game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Here is more info on this upcoming iPhone game:

Branded as a 'Micro Strategy Game', Knights vs Aliens takes the typical Real-Time-Strategy and boiled it down to its simplest and most fun elements.

Set in medieval europe, the game pits you - as one of 6 playable nations - against invading aliens. You must capture towers with your knights, and fight back the menacing horde. The game has 30 maps and 3 difficulty levels. Combined we estimate upwards of 18 hours of gameplay! Where else can you play as a Knight fighting against Aliens for so long?

Here are some highlights of the game:

- CONTROL your troops with potentially OBSCENE finger gestures
- DEFEND EARTH as one of five ANGRY European Nations
- NOT HAPPY with FIVE? Play as USA, the secret TIME TRAVELING nation
- MIND CONTROL one EVIL Alien nation and CONQUER earth yourself
- KICK ALIEN BOOTY on up to THIRTY maps and THREE difficulty modes
- REACT FEARLESSLY as foes attack unseen in the NIGHT
- LEVEL UP YOUR MIND with EXTREME historical accuracy

Here is a game trailer:


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04/06/11 09:04 PM
Re: Upcoming iPhone Game: Knights vs Aliens Real Time Strategy Game from Prophetic Sky

This game looks very cool, love it!
in a way reminds me of Age of Empires (PC game)

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