Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
10/28/11 11:10 PM
RIM Releasing BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) v6.0.1

Today RIM is releasing BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) v6.0.1. This new version makes it easier for users to discover and share BBM-connected apps from within BBM. With BlackBerry Messenger's active user base now over 50 million, there are even more users to discover and experience BBM-connected apps. Here is more info:

BBM 6.0.1 Key Features:

Explore BBM-connected Apps - BBM users will now be able to pull up “Explore BBM-connected Apps” from a menu in the BBM Contacts screen, which starts a BlackBerry App World storefront search for “BBM” by redirecting users to a list of up to 25 of the most popular BBM-connected apps available.

Sharing App Content with Your BBM Contacts is Easier - Users can share app-specific content with BBM contacts regardless of whether the contact has the app installed.

Include BBM v5.0 users in application invites – Now users can now invite BBM v5.0 & BBM v6.0 contacts to join in the fun and share BBM-connected app experiences.

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