Tong Zhang
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08/22/12 02:11 PM
WaterField Designs Releases Nintendo 3DS XL Cases

WaterField Designs has introduced three stylish and protective Nintendo 3DS XL cases for the portable gaming console: the sleek, leather and nylon 3DS XL Case, the formfitting Ultrasuede Suede Jacket, and the 3DS XL Gear Pouch Pro. Here's more info on these new Nintendo 3DS XL cases from WaterField Designs:

The 3DS XL Case--constructed of sturdy ballistic nylon, a double-layer leather flap, and a padded, lined interior--stylishly protects the 3DS XL for serious gamers and hobbyists alike. Under the flap are easy-to-access game pockets and a loop to hold an extra stylus. The back of the case has a stretchable, self-locking, zippered pocket for additional Nintendo 3DS XL games and ear buds. The leather flap is available in black, brown, orange or kiwi-colored leather.

The 3DS XL Suede Jacket fits the 3DS XL like a second skin. The minimalist design allows gamers to easily tote the console in a pocket or bag. Made from soft, washable Ultrasuede, the Suede Jacket protects the 3DS XL from nicks and scratches and can even be used to clean the screen. An optional, stretchable, back pocket holds ear buds, games or other accessories.

The 3DS XL Gear Pouch Pro keeps the active gamer organized and game-ready with the 3DS XL and accessories all in one place. The sleek and uniquely-fashioned, nylon case is made of textured, environmentally-friendly, metallic material available in green, silver or tangerine--each with a bold stripe. Soft, lightly-padded, pockets hold the 3DS XL and accessories. A self-locking zipper keeps contents secure and makes taking entertainment on the road effortless and cool.

Availability & Pricing

3DS XL Case: Price: $49.00. Leather flap colors: black, brown, kiwi, orange. Pre-order now. Shipping begins September 7, 2012.
3DS XL Suede Jacket: Price: $12.00. With stretch pocket: $15.00. Color: black. Pre-order now. Shipping begins August 31, 2012.
3DS XL Gear Pouch Pro: $45.00. Colors: green, tangerine, silver. Pre-order now.

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