Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
09/23/12 02:33 PM
Choofun Games Releases Minecraft Clone, Block Earth for iOS

Choofun Games has released a Minecraft like game called Block Earth for iOS. Block Earth is an exploration and building app, Infiniminer and Blockland. It presents the player with an unlimited world of blocks where anything can be built or destroyed. The player enters an endless world of soft hills, trees and lakes. From here he can begin to make the world his own. Perhaps he starts with a small house and then it goes from there. Make it bigger and better. Have a balcony. Perhaps some more houses, a village, a fortress? Here's more info on this new iOS game:

The quality of textures and graphics brings this block building game to a whole new level. When you build something you will want it to look good. With high quality textures and smooth lighting, Block Earth gives you one of the best looking dynamic worlds on iOS devices.

* Great graphics.
* Endless world to explore.
* Build or dig easily with a single tap on the screen.
* Fly a short distance with your jetpack.
* Build or destroy with your Rocket Launcher.
* Take quality pictures from inside your world.

Block Earth sells for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store:


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