Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
12/24/12 02:45 PM
alphaCloud Releases Strategy Action Game Zombie Master for iOS

alphaCloud, the developer of Castle Master, has released a new strategy action game called Zombie Master. The game offers 3D graphics and combines action shooter gameplay with resource management element, as the developer puts it, it's Starcraft meets Gears of War. The game is available for iOS now for free with IAP. Here's more info on this new iOS game:

The future not far from now, an unknown virus has attacked human, turned them into zombies and overran most of the cities. On the brink of their extinction, humans have formed the special force "Zombie Master" and set the last female warrior as its leader. Now the war against zombies that holds the key to the future is about to begin!


-Strategy of StarCraft: Gather mineral, gas and foods to build different buildings, train units and upgrade.
-Actions of Gears of War: Customize Machinegun, Sniper, Shotgun, Grenade, Flash bomb and many other firearms to defeat the zombies.
-Multiple Missions: Time Attack, Annihilate Zombie/Boss, Rescue Survivors/Soldiers, Diffuse Bomb, etc.

Here's a game trailer:

Zombie Master is available for free on the iTunes App Store:


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