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03/25/13 06:06 PM
iFixit Says BlackBerry Z10 is Easy to Take Apart and Repair

BlackBerry is the bastion of practically and serviceable stuff, even with their rebirth into the land of total touchscreen bliss and swipe gestures. The folks at iFixit have torn down the new BlackBerry Z10 and found in wildly easy to disassemble and repair by today's smartphone standards. They give the phone an 8 out of 10, and once they were done waxing appropriately poetic about the removable battery, they were thrilled at the general lack of insanely strong adhesives and the modularity of components. The display itself must be replaced as an assembly since the touch controller, LCD and glass are fused together (making for a clearer looking display). But the rest? Nearly a piece of cake.

Be sure to check out their BlackBerry Z10 Teardown .

Oh, and read our In-depth review of the BlackBerry Z10 on AT&T too.


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