Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
08/12/09 07:47 PM
iPhone Game: Scrabble Poker

Limit Texas Hold 'Em and Scrabble word game in one, Newer Ventures today released Scrabble Poker for the iPhone and iPod touch.

About gameplay:

Try to make the most valuable word (up to 5 letters) using an initial draw of 2 tiles and the table tiles revealed through the Drop, The Learn, and The Giver stages. If a valid word is showing on the table, play a different word with the remaining tiles and get points for both or play a more valuable word using any combination of the 7 tiles showing.

Scrabble Poker is an addicting and fun game that tests your betting strategies against your vocabulary. It's great for building up your knowledge of words that are acceptable to play in other popular word games. It's compliant with an internationally accepted word base that contains over 19,000 words from 2 to 5 letters! Many of which I'll bet you didn't even know existed!

2 tile distributions:
Houston: The Houston distribution is an even distribution based on the values of the letters. Plenty of E's, A's, R's and T's, but only one X, one Z, and one Q. It is a quite similar distribution to other word tile games out there.

Dallas: The Dallas distribution contains 2 of each vowel and exactly 1 of each consonant for a short deck of 32 tiles. Words get real stingy quick!

Adjust the difficulty mode of your opponents (Easy, Medium, and Hard).

Easy-to-use touch queue to rearrange tiles to spell different words. Hinting is available that totals your word score and reveals the community word and value.

Turn on hints to have the game reveal if a word is valid or not before the showdown round. A great feature for learning new words and to help beat the computer.

Endless play.. run out of money? The house will spot you. Need to quit in the middle of a hand? Don't worry, your gambling opponents will be there for you when you get back so you can pick the same hand up!

For more info visit the iTunes App Store

(PDA Addict)
08/13/09 01:23 PM
Re: iPhone Game: Scrabble Poker

Wow, that looks pretty original to say the least.

Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
08/13/09 05:11 PM
Re: iPhone Game: Scrabble Poker

Yeah, it's an interesting concept.

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