08/29/09 03:14 PM
New Somersault character - Contest!!!

Hi guys,

we proudly present you the main character of our upcoming iPhone game Somersault !!

What do you think about it? Do you like it? Would you change anything?

The poor guy still does not have a name, so we would like you to suggest one. Please post your suggestions or mail them to contest@enter-brain-ment.com.
We collect all ideas until 15.09.09 and will then choose a name. The winner will receive a download code for the full PC/Mac version of Somersault and will be mentioned in the game credits! The winner will also be part of the BETA tester group if he/she wants that.

Your feedback is welcome! Thanks!

09/17/09 12:48 PM
Re: New Somersault character - Contest!!!

Hey folks,

we sat together hours discussing about your suggestions ? and we had a lot of them. Thanks to all those who contributed to our contest!

And the winner is... actually there are 3 winners... We chose the name ?FLIP? suggested by Mitch and Evan via email. Gratz! We also decided to give the character the surname ?FULLFEATHER? which was the idea of macfan2 in the ifun-forum. Gratz again!

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