02/26/10 12:43 PM
Free Chess Elite

8 months! 2300 registered users! 1800 games played everyday!
Chess Elite is on a roll!!!

With Chess Elite steadily gaining popularity among Chess players all over the world, we decided to make the game available for free to spread the joy to a lot more players. If owning another Chess app had been holding you back, then now is the perfect opportunity to try the game for Free!

Free Chess Elite includes ALL the features of Chess Elite...

- 1 Player mode against device
- 2 Player pass & play mode with auto-flip
- 2 Player correspondence mode
- Push Notification support
- Analysis mode
- Chess Clubs and Smart Groups
- Replay ongoing games
- Play against Contacts and community of chess players
- Career Summary
- Intuitive and easy to use UIs with spectacular graphics
- Unlimited undo and redo
- Shows legal moves, hints, coordinates, last moves
- Playback of games for analysis

Download it now from the App Store and join the community of the most awesome Chess players from all over the world!
App Store Link: Free Chess Elite

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