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02/04/11 05:09 AM
My Virtual Girlfriend Wants to be your Valentine.

OK, i know, i know- cheesy title. but its all in good fun.

My Virtual girlfriend is a top 50 entertainment app in the US, UK, CA and AU. It has been recently updated to 1.2
It is humorous, dating simulation game for iphone and ipad.
It offers fun and flirty game play, all while not taking itself too seriously

Just like an online dating website, you can pick and choose your preferences in a mate. Our matchmaking system will assemble your top choices and you select one to begin the game.
You must try to make progress by finding out what makes her tick and doing things she enjoys doing. As you accumulate points with her, a heart meter fills up. Once it reaches the top,
you will level up. With each level up, she will grow closer to you. The dialog changes and new activities become available. However, do the wrong things and she grows distant, becomes
sarcastic and put you in your place before she leaves you. Good or bad, Its up for you to choose. So you think you got what it takes to woo her off her feet? here is your chance to prove it.
What have you got to lose? (besides your dignity). It's only .99 cents and if you're the type that shuns commitment before testing the waters a little, we also have a free version- Link at the bottom)

My Virtual Girlfriend Features:

* 20 + levels of progressive game play
* A matchmaking system that allows for player preferences in their virtual date.
* Hundreds of girls to choose from, Each with her own personality and appearance
* Interact with her via gestures, actions, activities and touch.
* 100+ actions and activities you can do together.
* Unique personalities that mimic funny, female behaviors.
* 1500+ lines of Clever and humorous dialog keep it entertaining.
* 3D graphics allow you camera control for 360 degrees of viewing.
* Universal for ipod touch, iphone and Ipad, buy one- get the other Free (ipad version is Full HD)
* Achievements

Official website: http://www.myvirtualgirlfriendgame.com

My Virtual Girlfriend

My Virtual Girlfriend Lite


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