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10/24/05 11:44 AM
Nokia N90 Video Clip Quality

Hi Folks,

I've recently been looking at getting a Nokia N90 and thought I'd check out its video capability. I found an amusing movie clip that claims it was made on the phone but the actual quality is too good to believe it hadn't been 'digitally improved' compared to other devices (SE K750i for example). You can see for yourselves here.

Is it the kind of quality I can expect to get from the phone or has it been enchanced? Any thoughts on the matter are welcome.

Many Thanks.

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11/12/05 02:39 AM
Re: Nokia N90 Video Clip Quality

I've seen videos shot with the N90 played back on the phone itself and they were indeed very impressive. Not your average camera phone to say the least. I could even believe that clip (that it was unedited, not the bartender ).

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12/28/06 08:54 PM
Re: Nokia N90 Video Clip Quality

The N90 has been surpassed by the N93. The latter's VGA capture at 30 frames per second translates into sharp videos that you would be happy to show on a TV screen. Many consumers these days prefer to buy mobile phones that are all-rounders, in the sense that they perform multimedia computing well. Good quality phones such as the Sony Ericsson K800i are let down by lousy video capture. The N93 with its excellent camcorder and smartphone facilities is the quintessential all-rounder.

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