(junior member)
11/22/06 09:45 PM

Hi, i read the article about the nokia n73 and it gave me a lot of cool information. i've always wanted to get the n70 but then since n73 came out i might as well get the latter one... however i was wondering if someone could answer me this question...
does anyone know if the phone/camera makes a shutter sound when we take pictures? cuz i know we can turn off that option for the n70 but not for the n80... so.. if anyone knows the answer, i'll greatly appreciate it.

(Head Honcho)
11/25/06 03:10 AM
Re: n73

Weird as it sounds, that depends on which version of the N73 you get. Last I checked (back when I had mine and wrote the review), the N73 for Asia allowed you to turn off the shutter sound while the Euro one didn't. I had the Asian model which supports English just fine (as well as Chinese).

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