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There is a way of typing other than graffiti. You can type faster
      #19989 - 05/17/05 07:47 PM

There is a way of typing other than graffiti. You can type faster


Up-to-date PDAs has powerful processors has dozens megabytes of memory. However, there is no handy method of entering texts on such computers. Yes, you can type several words using graffiti, but what would you do if you need to type a whole page? The keys on a system virtual keyboard are too small, and drawing thousands of squiggles with the help of graffiti is very tiresome. Furthermore, you have to constantly correct errors! You certainly wanted to write something voluminous on your Palm Handheld, but you always were confused by typesetting difficulties. Quite often, when you travel, you want to write an e-mail to your old friend, or to exchange a few words with a colleague by SMS'. But when traveling by train or by bus, using of graffiti becomes problematic.

However, there is a way of typing other than graffiti. You can type faster and more accurately with the help of the truly innovative onscreen keyboard. This keyboard has large keys and QWERTY layout - is there anything more you would need for text typing? Its interface looks quite uncustomary, but you'll not need to learn how to use it. All keys are located at their usual places, though they have original form and are displaced vertically. You will quickly adapt to these distinctions, and will be able to type text almost as easily, as when using an external keyboard. You will be convinced of it!

You can use the keyboard in built-in applications (Memos, Calendar, Tasks,
Mail, SMS etc.), as well as in 3rd party applications.

You can operate with one or two hands, using stylus, fingernail or even

For better typing experience, visual and audio feedback is developed.

If your device supports landscape mode, you can type text on a full-size
standard keyboard.

You can download the demo version and try the program for free. If you found this software useful, you can purchase a license and unlock the demo. Purchasing the product entitles you to 1-year free upgrades and technical support.

By the way, our portrait keyboard is patent-pending software, and can be purchased
from ANIMATORsoft only.

Download the distribution kit now. It is not worth making efforts when typing texts using old methods. Your PDA can be a better hand at doing it!

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Reged: 08/27/04
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Re: There is a way of typing other than graffiti. You can type faster [Re: Janis]
      #20755 - 08/03/05 07:58 AM

Well, I guess the original poster did a good job with their description (which it turns out, is the same as their website's sales material) - I downloaded a trial's my impressions:

1. Works fairly well - obviously, not exactly as good as typing on an external keyboard, but this is a much more portable (and less expensive alternative). I prefer the landscape layout better, as it gives my gargantuan thumbs a bit more room to manuver. I'm not sure if this software uses any type of error-compensation algorythms, it sometimes seemed a little unforgiving - so touchtyping doesn't quite work.

2. One obvious (and not surprising) drawback of using a touchscreen keyboard is that this does require you to touch the screen; even with the cleanest of hands there will eventually be an oily build-up...hope that you have lots of screen protectors!

3. I consider myself fairly well-groomed (I shower once a week ) , and my nails aren't excessively long by any means (though I should probably have a trim tomorrow)...but I think my nails were actually slowing me down with the use of the keyboard today. I can't imagine that this program would be terribly useful for those PDA using women who keeps their nails fashionably long.

4. This program works by replacing the "on-screen" writing option - so whenever you tap on the ~ on your OS 5-series Palm, the keyboard comes up. As long as this program is installed, that feature is no longer an option. This may be a dealbreaker for some, considering the next item:

5. Compatibity - this program works great with the built-in Palm applications (Calendar, tasks, notes, etc.), however, when I tried running it with Quickword, I got an error message saying that it simply wasn't compatible. I had a bit more luck using it in Minicalc; however after entering some information my Palm had to soft reset. I think as long as you use this with programs that do not require heavy text formatting you should be okay.

I also used mini-keyboard with the freeware program Progect and it worked just fine.

Also seemed fine with Versamail - I can see how this program would be a godsend if I was on the road (with only my Palm and cell phone)and suddenly had to do a lot of email...(if you've ever been in that situation with only a stylus, please tell me how you've kept your wrists from getting sore...)

6. Demo limitations - I haven't seen anything (yet) about a time period limitation; rather , every text you enter with the trial version has [DEMO] automatically added to it.

Conclusion -

I guess you can't really expect a onscreen touch keyboard to be exactly as good as a physical one, and with that in mind then this is a very interesting alternative. It works reliably for most basic applications and is smartly implemented. Having this really adds to the possiblity of using a Palm stylus-free, without needing additional hardware (although your screen may get a little oily).

Even though I've thought of more cons than pros, I'm still seriously considering getting the full version of this software simply for the increased ease of text entry it offers for the price.

+ allows for keyboard style entry without needing additional hardware
+ generous-sized layout (especially in landscape orientation)

- not compatible with all apps running on Palm
- using this app disables "graffiti anywhere on the screen" option
- repeated use of the program could make your Palm's screen pretty dirty
- need to have very short nails for maximum efficency

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Re: There is a way of typing other than graffiti. You can type faster [Re: Dan_42]
      #21458 - 10/20/05 12:34 AM

I think this is the best alternative for text entry if you want a virtual keyboard. I really like being able to use my fingers to tap on the keyboard. The keys are big enough to tap, although it still isn't as good at detect my fingernails or fingers and sometimes I get worried that I may press too hard, thinking it's a key when it's just a glass screen. So, I usually use my stylus to tap the keys. And doing it this way is probably the best since it detects the taps so accurately (something that the Palm pop up keyboard can't do) that I can expect to compose my sentences without much revision or editing. I was extremely frustrated with the Palm pop up keyboard and Graffiti 2. Having this, especially still workable on a 320x320 screen (most of them are for 320x480 screens) makes it a great software. The main thing I don't like is the price. Way too expensive for a keyboard. I've already paid for Tapsmart Keylink, an IR keyboard so I guess I can deal with the [Demo].

There are other ways to speed up graffiti entry like using text completion software. And you don't have to try to learn a new way like Fitaly or MessageEase.

If the price were closer to $15 or less, I'd buy it. But great software nevertheless. And it would also be nice if the program were smaller.

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Re: There is a way of typing other than graffiti. You can type faster [Re: Janis]
      #21660 - 11/10/05 10:52 PM

For a truly innovative and practical keyboard, try MessagEase! from Exideas!

This keyboard is designed and optimized for a single finger or stylus; QWEWRTY is made for ten fingers. The letter arrangements are based on their frequencies: you tap on keys to enter frequent letters and drag directionally for less frequent letter. This innovation (and it is patented) enables the keyboard to be super compact, with fewer, larger keys.

Given the same space, MessagEase's keyboard are 2.5 times that of QWERTY or other QWWERTY-driven keyboards.

MessagEase is already available for all Palm models, Pocket PCs and Tablet PCs, and is applicable to cell phones as well.

See a short video (3 min.) of MessagEase in action here.

Read a review of MessagEase for Pocket PC and Palm here.

visit for more info and downloads

Download it now and see for yourself! The first two months of MessagEase is FREE!

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PDA Addict

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Re: There is a way of typing other than graffiti. You can type faster [Re: Janis]
      #21813 - 11/23/05 05:34 PM

You can also have predictive text, which would give faster speed to any Palm device. The name of the app is TextPlus. Its great, try it!

Visit my blog at

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Reged: 10/25/03
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Re: There is a way of typing other than graffiti. You can type faster [Re: Julian_Suwandi]
      #22319 - 01/15/06 04:53 AM

I find that using mini-keyboard with Text Plus works great.

Looks like mini-keyboard is still on sale at PDATopSoft for $13.65 (30% discount from the regular price of $19.95). I took advantage of it a while ago and love it!

Don't know how much longer the sale is on, so if you like it, buy it now.

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