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Egyptian Prophecy Walkthrough
      #22492 - 01/31/06 11:23 PM

First of all, I didn't write this walkthrough since the game already existed on the PC and someone already wrote a walkthrough. The walkthrough is written by Mr. Haley.

Also if you want to read our review of the Egyptian Prophecy game for the Pocket PC visit:



* Watch the stunningly beautiful introductory cinematic, and then you'll
be all ready to go. You find yourself in the temple of Amun-Re, devoted
to the God Re that Pharaoh has an oath with. Walk forward to meet the
local construction chief, a bald man near to a worker using a scalpel
on a column. Talk to the chief to learn of the importance of Paser.
When he asks that you prove Pharaoh sent you, show him the ring Maya
has, and he'll be convinced.

* On the chief's left is a door that leads outside. Take it. Move past
the brick-makers on your right, go to the small courtyard and then the
door on the right. Near one of the coloured columns is an INCOMPLETE
CARTOUCHE. Go back out and speak to the workers to know where Paser is.

* Head for the courtyard left of the workers. You know Paser's house has
a decorated lintel over the door, so you know it's the fourth door.

* Walk in. Ignore the first room. In the second, on the far left corner,
there's a CLUB you need to pick up. Move to the third room, where you
find an ill and delirating Paser. Show him the cartouche you found near
the crypt, and he says it's part of a "cartouche of Amun-Re". Hmm.

* Go back to the construction chief and ask him about the cartouche. He
has the second piece!... but he won't glue them together because he's
too busy. Heh. So, go to the worker outside Paser's courtyard, and he
will kindly do it for you. You have a CARTOUCHE now.

* Back to the Naos. Use the CARTOUCHE on the empty niche to open a crypt
on the left. Use the CLUB on the lamp to light a TORCH, then go down
the stairs into the crypt.

* You're locked inside! Pick up the AMULETS and watch the scary cutscene.
On the right there's another CARTOUCHE, that you need to pick up. Go
back to the now closed door, and click on the panel on the left.

* PUZZLE. Use the RING on the lower niche to activate it. The lower left
button (LL) moves the leftmost tiles vertically; the upper left (UL)
one moves them all vertically; the lower right (LR) one moves the
rightmost tiles horizontally; the upper right (UR) one moves all the
tiles horizontally. The figure you need to obtain is shown in your
Historical Database: go to it and click on "The Promises of Amun-Re"
and then "Egyptian Enigmas", and select "The Cartouche of Ramses II".
This is the image you need to obtain by clicking the buttons.

* The door opens again, and you can leave the crypt. Go talk to Paser
again and tell him what happened. He'll be all worried and give you a
PURIFICATION VASE (NEW MAGICAL SKILL). Go back to the Naos and use the
new spell on the bewitched niche with the cartouche. It'll dissolve.
Now use the CARTOUCHE you got in the crypt on the niche to seal it.

* Paser told you to go back to him because he has a mission for you, so
do it. He'll say you have to give the obelisk quarrying plans to his
first assistant, Ouni. He gives you a TRIANGULAR STONE and says that
the plans are hidden "beyond Imhotep."

* Go to the fourth room in his house, and you see a small statue on the
bench on the left. Use the TRIANGULAR STONE on it to make it slide, and
behind it, the QUARRYING PLANS. Pick them up.

* Go back outside. On the right of the courtyard, you see a man waiting
by a door, squatting. He'll be your boatman for the whole aventure.
Talk to him to make him carry you to Ouni's house in the town of Aswan.


* Proceed forward: there is nothing for several screens until you get to
the house in the centre with the donkey and the man squatted. Pick up
the DRIED DONKEY DROPPINGS (eww!), and then go talk to the man.

* The man is Ouni, Paser's assistant, and he says quarrying can't proceed
as all of the tools they have can't extract granite because they break.
Behind him there's some black balls on the ground. Pick one up: it's a
DOLERITE BALL. Use it on the granite rock right there in front of you,
and see the ball break. Pick up the DAMAGED DOLERITE BALL. Go back to
Ouni. He says that he does have a papyrus on dolerite, but that he has
no idea where he keeps it. So, you'll have to find it for him.

* Walk in the house. You can't pick up anything yet, but in the first
room thre's a pile of notes on a bench. Use them to read them, and note
down the ingredients for the remedies they describe. Proceed forward
through the corridor and go to the third room to find Tuya, the Great
Healer and Ouni's wife.

* Tuya will teach you the TRANSFER SPELL (NEW MAGICAL SKILL), that can
transfer one's illness to another, but before she can grant you access
to the rest of her house you must prove yourself worthy of such spell.

* Had you noticed that Ouni was sneezing? Well, he is. Go to him and use
the TRANSFER SPELL on him, then click on the donkey aside him to give
it Ouni's cold. Heh. Talk to Tuya again, and she will give you a COBRA
OF HYPNOSIS (another NEW MAGICAL SKILL), then she will let you in the
storage room, the fourth and backmost room of the house.

* Look in the vinyl basket left of the door: there lies Ouni's papyrus on
dolerite... but there's a snake too! It bit you! From now on you have a
couple of minutes to brew a remedy, or you're dead. It's extremely easy
though. Tuya and Ouni have left, so you have access to the whole house.
Remember the notes? Look for the ingredients you need for a remedy for
someone who has been bitten by a snake...

* Find the DRIED TEREBINTH left of the storage room door, in the hung
basket. Find GUM and a KNIFE on Tuya's bench, left of where she was
sitting. There's also a jar there: use the DOLERITE to break it, and
pick up the JAR PIECE. Find OCHRE on a low stool in the middle room.
Find a bitter apple in the first room: use the KNIFE on it to slice
it, and pick up the BITTER APPLE PIECES. You already have the DRIED
DONKEY DROPPINGS... eww you'll eat something with them in it now!

* Where Tuya was sitting, she left a MORTAR. Zoom in on it. Use all the
ingredients you have in it and pick up the PESTEL. Use it on the mortar
to concoct the remedy, and Maya will drink it. Whew! Just in time.

* Here comes Ouni again. Where was he while you were dying? Hmph! Anyway.
Give him the papyrus he was looking for. He'll thank you and give you a
DRIED SNAKE to protect you against further snake bites. Umm... thanks.

* Ouni says you need to invoke Ptah (the God founder of the Universe
according to the Egyptian myth). You need High Priest Khaemouaset, son
of Ramses II himself, to intercede with the God on your behalf. You can
find him in Memphis. The capital! Go back to the dock and leave.


* The guy guarding the left building is not letting you pass, and you
don't have the seal anymore. You could hypnotise him... but you do not
not know his name. Yet. Go right instead, and enter the courtyard with
the lavatorium (it's the pool). There are STONES on the left for you to
pick up. Then go to the basket weaver on the right side of the pool.

* He's very rude too. What's with these people?! You want what's in his
basket, but he won't let you. So throw stones in the water to distract
him, and grab the OSTRACON. Use it on him to give it back, and in
exchange, he'll say the name of the guard: Pamose.

* Go to Pamose and use HYPNOSIS on him to hypnotise him. When he asks for
your pass again, show him just *any* item, and he'll believe it's your
pass. Ha! Go forward to enter the Temple of Ptah where Khaemouaset is.

* Give Khaemouaset the DOLERITE PAPYRUS, and talk to him to find out you
are going to have to pass a couple of tests before he "sends" you to
Ptah's dream world.

* First off, look into the rightmost cabinet Open it. Use your magical
skill of CLAIRVOYANCE to "see" the harmful presence the High Priest
was talking about. Use your KNIFE to remove the piece of stone from the
wall, and pick up the DRAINED SCORPION. Done.

* Your reward from Khaemouaset is a BANNER to control winds (NEW MAGICAL
SKILL). He wants you to open a coffer, so pick up the KEY from the
central table and use it on the grey coffer on the right.

* This puzzle is tricky. Since I solved it for you, no need to spend an
hour trying: just follow these instructions.

1. Spin the key counter-clockwise once;
2. >Push the key to wheel 2, turn twice counter-clockwise;
3. >Push the key to wheel 6, turn until green button appears;
4. Pull the key to wheel 5, turn clockwise once;
5. Pull the key to wheel 1, turn clockwise once;
6. >Push the key to wheel 2, turn counter-clockwise once;
7. >Push the key to wheel 5, turn until green button appears;
8. Pull the key to wheel 4. Turn until green button appears;
9. Pull the key to wheel 3. Turn until green button appears;
10. Pull the key to wheel 2. Turn until green button appears;
11. Pull the key to wheel 1. Turn until green button appears.

There you go. The coffer opens. Pick up the KYPHI PERFUME inside. But
it's incomplete! Argh! You need some FRAGRANT RUSH.

* Go back to the weaver. He will give you fragrant rush only if you can
recover the gouge he threw in the pool. Go to the entrance of this
courtyard, on the right: there's a falcon perched up on the wall. Pick
up some STONES and use them on it to make it fly away. It drops a HOOK.

* On the other end of the right side of the courtyard is a Nilometer, the
gallery dug into the ground with the circular well. Near the entrance
there's a ROPE. Pick it up. Maya will combine it with the HOOK. Go to
the weaver and use this rudimental fishing rod on the nearest lilypad,
where the weaver's lost gouge is. He will be all happy and finally give
you the FRAGRANT RUSH you need.

* Now Khaemouaset has the complete perfume, and he will open the doors to
Ptah's world for you.


* Maya finds herself in a dark cave. Go ahead and pick up PINCERS from
the floor. Turn around and go into the dark tunnel. You re-emerge in
front of a statue of Sekhmet, Ptah's sister and wife. Use the PINCERS
on the canopy in front of the statue to unlock it. Then spin it around
and go back through the tunnel (any of them, since they all lead to the
same location).

* FIRST ROOM. Talk to the dwarf to find out you need a sistrum (a musical
instrument) to invoke Ptah. You need to collect some tools to make it.
Back to the statue room, turn the canopy, go back through the tunnel.

* SECOND ROOM. On the ground are a BRONZE STRIP and a HANDLE. Pick them
up. Back to the statue room: turn the canopy and go back.

* THIRD ROOM. Take the MALLET on the ground, then go to the long rope you
see hanging, and use the KNIFE on it to cut a PIECE OF ROPE. Go back
and turn the canopy, then go out again.

* Go over to the anvil. Use the BRONZE STRIP on the lava pool, then place
it on the anvil and use the MALLET on it to work it. It'll take on an
"U" shape. Now use the HANDLE on it, and pick up this INCOMPLETE
SISTRUM. You still need metal strips to have it work.

* Back to the statue room, and turn the canopy to go to the dwarf. Use
the PIECE OF ROPE you have on the rope behind him to repair it. He'll
be grateful and give you the METAL STRIPS you need. You have a SISTRUM.

* In the statue room, spin the canopy *thrice* to go back to the anvil
room. Go by the anvil: watch the cutscene as Maya invokes Ptah. Talk to
the God, who wants you to bring a magic dolerite ball and explains how
to get it.

* Go back to the dwarf. Talk to him, and he'll give you an EMPTY MOLD.
Use the EMPTY MOLD on lava to fill it and then place it on the anvil.
Wait for the lava to cool, then pick up a LAVA OBJECT. In the statue
room, use the LAVA OBJECT on the statue: it's the missing element in
the key Sakhmet is holding. Something moved! A golden staff appeared
in an alcove behind you. Pull it.

* Use any tunnel to reach a second statue room, slightly different. At
the base of Sakhmet's statue, use the DOLARITE BALL you have on the
slab to lower it. An alcove opens. Pick up the FOUR BALLS and take a
look in your Documentary Database for "The Enigma of the Four Balls."
It'll turn out quite useful.

* The balls represent four Goddesses defending Osiris. The goal is to
place each ball in its own alcove. Here's the correct order:

WADJET (snake): top right alcove
SECHEMTET (scorpion): bottom right alcove
SAKHMET (standing): top left alcove
BASTET (sitting): bottom left alcove

* Something moved, again. Exit through any tunnel. Third similar room.
Talk to the statue and answer the question: the first part of the
answer is "He created..." and the second part is "... the world."
Sekhmet makes some music that you must reproduce. First off, use the
PURIFICATION VASE on the goblet at its feet to obtain a BOWL OF LAVA.

* Now. We must reproduce the sounds Sekhmet made, by placing items in
each of the four alcoves where water drips. Use the following scheme:

top right alcove place BOWL OF LAVA
bottom right alcove place nothing
top left alcove place SISTRUM
bottom left alcove place LILY SEEDS

The door to the hall of the magic dolerite opens. Use any tunnel to go.

* The idea is to use the BANNER OF WIND to move the items on the central
altar, so that the magic dolerite ball hovers over the pillar with the
circular sign on it. It takes six simple moves.

1) Stand in front of the pillar with the square symbol and use the
BANNER on the ball on the altar. It'll fly to the opposite end.
2) Stand/circle. Move the dolerite cube.
3) Stand/triangle. Move the dolerite cube again.
4) Stand/circle. Move the dolerite prism.
5) Stand/triangle. Move the dolerite ball.
6) Stand/square. Move the dolerite sphere again.

Now go stand before the pillar with the circle, and pick up the

* Exit the room and you find yourself at the anvil. Talk to Ptah, and
he'll grant your wish to help the workers. Also, he gives you the
MAGIC DOLERITE BALL into the pool, and Maya will exit Ptah's world.
Talk to Khaemouaset, who'll thank you, and go back to the boat.

V.5 "ASWAN" (#2)

* As you disembark, talk to Ouni. He'll say the obelisk is almost ready
to be loaded on a barge. WOW! That was fast. Go to his house and talk
to Tuya. Give her the DRAINED SCORPION. She has the remedy for Paser
ready, but you must concoct it. Aside Tuya lays a LIGHTER: pick it up.

* Go to the mastaba (= bench) behind you, and pick up a papyrus. Zoom in
and pick up the CALAMUS (= writing stick). Use it on the INK JAR to ink
it. Use the blank PAPYRUS on the empty space in the centre, and then
the INKED CALAMUS on it to copy the remedy RECIPE.

* Use the RECIPE on Tuya. She'll make a PASER FIGURINE that you need to
fire before you can use it on him. Go to the third room and pick up
some TWIGS from the leftmost corner. Go over to the kile, and use the
TWIGS and the LIGHTER on the lower hole to light it up. Now place the
PASER FIGURINE on top of the kile, let it bake for a few seconds, and
pick it up. Before you walk out: left of the kile is a MAT: pick it up.

* Outside the house is Ouni, with *yet* more bad news! An evil fire of
some sorts has broken out at the quarrying site, and the Nile won't
flood like it should. Walk away from the house, but on the opposite
side from where the boatman is.

* A beautiful cutscene shows Maya walking to the Quarrying site. Once
there, you notice this fire from a distance. Move ahead a few screens.
On your right, pick up a JAR OF WATER. You use it on the fire, but it
still won't go out. Definitely magical.

* Use the MAT on the fire to put it out, then click on it to move it.
There's something buried, but you need a stick to rummage through the
ashes. So zoom out, walk to the spot right behind you and pick up a
STICK. Use it on the ashes to get an EVIL KNIFE that Maya doesn't know
the origin of yet.

* Move away from the quarrying site. Ouni's there again. You need to go
to Paser, but he insists you consult Khaemouaset about the Nile
flooding instead. Still undecided, move towards the docks. Another
beautiful cutscene makes Maya decide to go to Memphis and Khaemouaset.
So, go speak to the boatman.


* Surprise, surprise: Khaemouaset isn't at the Temple of Ptah. Go to the
pool area then. On your right, among the trees, collect a STICK. Notice
the nest on the rightmost wall.

* Go to the circular section of the Nilometer on the left. Zoom in on the
incomplete drawing, and use a BLANK PAPYRUS you have on it.

* Move to the back of the Nilometer. A little girl will talk mysterious
and say, basically, that she wants the recipient of Isis to tell you
where Khaemouaset is. Resist the temptation to spank her, and go to the
rude basket weaver instead.

* Show the incomplete drawing to the weaver. He can complete it, but he
needs a CALAMUS. We have that... but the ink has dried by now. An egg
would do. So pick up the blue PLATE from right behind you, go to the
nest, place the PLATE below it, and use the STICK on the nest to make
an EGG fall. Pick it up.

* Give the EGG and the CALAMUS to the weaver. He'll finish the drawing.
Use the complete papyrus on the Nilometer, where you drew it in the
first place. A "tray" will slide open, presenting you with a goblet.
Pick it up and give it to the little girl. She accepts it and has you
drink from it, and you are taken to the world of Isis, pronto!

* -- THE WORLD OF ISIS -- Speak to the Goddess on the barge and she says
you must travel to the root of all evil and ask for the help of Osiris,
her brother and husband. Are they all incestuous here?? Isis also gives
you the MAGICAL NET to entrap your enemies with (NEW MAGICAL SKILL).
Turn around and walk away from her.

* Move to the opposite edge of the isle. Use the LILY SEEDS on the water
to grow a lilypad you can walk upon. Once on the other bank, walk to
the altar with three stones. It is the old game of sheep, wolf and
spinach (or however you used to call it as a kid): you need to move the
stones to another altar, carrying only one at a time and knowing that
neither Nut and Geb, nor Nut and Shu can be together at the same time.

* So, take Nut and bring it to the other altar. Come back, take Shu.
Bring Shu, and bring back Nut. Take Geb. Come back, take Nut and
bring it. Done.

* Proceed forward to where Isis has appeared again. There are five isles.
You need to move the tortoise and the owl so that they meet in front of
the central isle and let you pass. Number the isles 1 to 5 left to
right. Step on the 4th island, then the 1st, then the 2nd, then the 4th
again. Then walk on the 3rd and pass the waters easily.

* On this new isle, walk to the bottom right to collect some ROCKS. Go to
the water-collecting tool on the far left and use the ROCKS on the left
container. Then use the right one to collect water and see Maya pour it
in the ditch. A water gate forms! It's the door to the World of Osiris.

V.7 "THE BOOK OF THE DEAD" (World of Osiris)

* You have to pass 4 tests before being admitted before Osiris himself.

* FIRST TEST. You need to guess the guardian's name. There's six buttons
in front of you, which carry the syllabes "neg", "eb", "ess", "ou",
"et", "a" -- in this order. Each of them also visualises a part of a
bigger image. Make the image match with that of the guardian you see in
the doorframe ahead. If you don't want to bother trying, just press
1-6-4 (the name is "Negaou") and you're done.

* SECOND TEST. This is trickier, but only a little. You must make it
through a labyrinth, and your "Ka", your ethereal double, must too --
only that her labyrinth is different than yours. So, look at the sky as
you make your moves, because she must make it safely as well.

In short, number the squares from 1 to 16 as per the following pattern,
and then make the following moves.

| 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 |
| | | | |
| 09 | 10 | | 12 |
| | | | |
| 05 | | 07 | 08 |
| | | | |
| 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 |
| | | | |
?????? ?????? ?????? ??????

Move like this: 2, 1, 5, 9, 13, 9, 5, 1, 2, 3, 7, 7, 7
(go forward twice: you are blocked but
Ka advances), 8, 4, 3, 7, 8, 12, 16, 15
... and you're both out.

* THIRD TEST. It isn't hard to solve the riddle, but if you don't want to
rack your brains, just click on the leftmost guard: it's the one with
the heart of feathers.

* FOURTH TEST. Step on one of the mats in front of you and look at the
sky: remember the pattern of the stars you see, then look down at the
mats in front of you. The one which stars match the pattern of those in
the sky is the one you need to step upon. Do so, and move forward.

* OSIRIS. Talk to the God, and give him the EVIL KNIFE you have when he
asks for it. You find out that the enemy is the God named Set. Osiris
says to make a salty beverage once you're back to Memphis. Trust him,
he's a God after all. He gives Maya some KYPHI, which is a soporific
powder. It'll be useful. To return to your world, use the DRIED SNAKE
on the snake-shaped burn on the mat, on your right at your feet. Now
climb the steps to return to the little girl at Memphis.

* Talk to the young girl *twice*. She gives Maya the RECIPIENT OF ISIS to
make the salty beverage in. Now you need salt. Go to the basket weaver;
there's a stammering man beside him, and he'll give you salt if you
cure him. Easy: use the TRANSFER SPELL on him, and give his stammer to
the weaver. Suits him fine! Get your SALT and go to the Temple of Ptah.

* Hypnotise the stupid guard again. Give the RECIPIENT OF ISIS to High
Priest Khaemouaset, and see as Ptah tricks Set into drinking the salty
water. To placate his thirst, the evil God releases the waters of the
Nile, making it flood. Go back to the boatman, and off to heal Paser!

V.8 "PI-RAMSES" (#2)

* Back where you started the game. Go to the second yard on the left,
where Paser's house his. Use the FIGURINE on him to heal him... but
instead, you release evil forces! Tuya shows up and has Maya arrested.
Tuya is a traitor! We should've known. So now you're trapped in this
room with her and an armed guard, and can't move.

* Actually, you can move only for a few seconds, and in one direction
only. More than enough. Move to your right, and use the KYPHI on the
lamp. The guard and Tuya will be paralised for a few seconds. Escape!

* After the cinematic, go to the next courtyard and find Khaemouaset...
well, not really, just an "ethereal projection" of him. He can't fight
Tuya himself, but he can teach you spells to do it. Very convenient.
Learn the ropes from him, learn a new spell (RAIN SPELL, NEW MAGICAL
SKILL), then go out and go to the temple entrance, where the brick-
maker is standing.

* He asks that you prove your skills by interpreting a dream of his
before he lets you pass. Alright. Here are the answers:

1) ... the harvest will be good...
2) ... you will lose your parents...
3) ... you will rise above common people...
4) ... you will live an hohest life...
5) ... you will have authority over people.

He trusts you now. Talk to him again to be given a MAGICAL COFFER. To
pass through the temple unseen, wait for the guard on the left to doze
off, the guard on the near right to turn around and the guard on the
far right to walk away. There's a time window of about two seconds when
these three things happen at the same time, so grab your chance and
move forward undetected. Go for the Naos.


* Duel"s" is right. You wouldn't think Tuya is letting you stop her from
desacrating the Naos, would you. So, the first is a spell duel, much
like the Duelling Club in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets".
Here is a list of spells and counterspells to use.


Burn Rain
Hypnosis Purification
Dead souls Hypnosis
Ka Magic Net
Lotus transformation Clairvoyance
Magic Net Wind Banner

* Defeated, Tuya changes into a snake and flees. Follow her to the
entrance of the Naos. The duel with the snake is tricky. Click on the
"?" symbol to read the rules. There are MANY ways to go about this. The
one below is written by JOHN W. I didn't follow that, but it works, and
I am too lazy to repeat the duel a third time and note my method! LoL

1A 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A

1B 2B 3B 4B 5B 6B

1C 2C 3C 4C 5C 6C

1D 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D

According to John, movements are:

R2C, L2C, R3D, R3B, R2B, R1B, R3D, L1B, R2A, R2C, R1C, R1A, L2A,
R3B, R3B, L1B, R2B, R2C, L2C, R3B, R3B, R3C, R3C, L3C, R2B, R3B,
L3B, R2A, R2A.

"R" stands for "right click" (to cast a spell in the indicated
square) and "L" stands for "left click" (to move to that square).

* Watch a cutscene with Maya trapping what's left of Tuya/The Snake in
the MAGIC COFFER. Now she can return to Paser and heal him for good.

* The temple is deserted, so you shan't have trouble going back. Go to
Paser's house, and talk to Djer on the way there: he says everyone has
gone to the river to see the obelisk pass. Yay! So they got it going.
Only one thing left to do now before it is erected.

* Reach Paser and use the EVIL KNIFE on the FIGURINE laying next to him.
The drained scorpion you'd given Tuya was inside it, and that was what
was causing Set's evil influence. Now Paser is healed.

* That's it. Enjoy the beautiful ending cinematic. Congratulations,
you have cracked "THE EGYPTIAN PROPHECY" / "EGYPT III".



6.1 "The Documentary Database"

Not all games have such a feature. Actually, very few do. There are many
graphic adventures with lots and lots of text to read, like the "Dark
Fall" and "The Longest Journey", but this is not the case. In this game,
you are not forced to read much of anything, but if you do, it will be
all the better for your gaming experience.

"The Egyptian Adventure" is a slightly-above-average adventure game, with
great static backgrounds and stunningly beautiful cinematics, which are
countered by poor Inventory management and an annoyingly slow interface.
However, all puzzles are rooted in the time frame the game is set into,
namely the Acient Egypt, and their solution is always logical once you
get a good feel of things. That's why reading as many entries in the
Documentary Database as possible is a good idea. They're individually
brief and to-the-point. Not to mention that for certain puzzles, like the
Enigma of Four Balls, the information in the DD are essential.

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