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Logitech PRO Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Note & Tab Pro 12.2

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What's Hot: Excellent typing experience, very protective case, easy to use.

What's Not: No keyboard backlight.


Reviewed March 31, 2014 by Tong Zhang, Senior Editor. Video review by , Editor in Chief (twitter: @lisagade)

The Logitech PRO Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is one of the first keyboard cases specifically designed for the new Galaxy Pro 12.2 tablets. It offers a very protective yet functional case and a roomy and excellent keyboard. The Logitech PRO has built-in Bluetooth and comes in black only.


The Logitech PRO Keyboard for the 12.2" Samsung Galaxy Pro tablets is a combination of a super protective case and a very useable keyboard. The keyboard case opens like a portfolio. The exterior is covered with ballistic nylon and a rubberized bottom to prevent the keyboard from slipping on smooth surfaces. The interior has a soft rubber-like lining. The right side functions as tablet holder and it's slightly bigger than the tablet's dimensions. The tablet holder has two side plastic clips to clamp the large table in place and four thick plastic holders to keep the tablet in place. The case is easy to use, just slide the tablet into the side clamps and push it all the way in. The case has rigid inserts that keep scratches, pokes and nicks away from the tablet, and the large size also helps protect the sides of the tablet from scratches and even some shock damage should you drop the tablet in the case. When you close the Logitech PRO Keyboard case, it offers great protection for the entire tablet.

Logitech Pro Keyboard Case

The bottom half of the Logitech PRO has a full size keyboard that offers ample-sized keys and plenty of key separation. Your fingers won't feel cramped when you're typing on this keyboard. Above the keyboard, you'll find a groove that can hold the tablet up at the right angle for you to use the keyboard comfortably; and if you need to use the Samsung Galaxy Pro in tablet mode, simple fold the case on top of the keyboard. Please note: the keyboard is still active when the tablet is sitting on top of it. You won't accidently trigger key presses if you put the tablet on a desk to use the touch screen, but if you pinch the tablet, you might press the keys on the bottom corners of the keyboard beneath it; keys such as Google voice command.

Logitech Pro Keyboard Case

The Logitech PRO Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is also very steady whether you use it to type on a flat desk or in your lap. The groove that holds the tablet up isn't very deep and the tablet does wobble a bit when you use the touch screen. There isn't any magnet to keep the tablet to the groove, so be careful not to sling the Logitech Pro too suddenly when the tablet is in standing position. Typing on the keyboard feels very steady thanks to the large bottom surface. The keyboard case measures 11.97 x 8.66 x 0.87 inches and adds 1.09 pounds to your Galaxy tablet. The keyboard has a micro USB 2.0 charging port on the side and comes with a short charging cable. It also has a power button as well as a Bluetooth button with an LED for pairing and connecting the keyboard to your Bluetooth devices. The case leaves all ports, buttons and speakers open on the tablet for easy access. It also has a perfect cutout for the rear camera and flash. For Galaxy Note Pro 12.2" users, the case also offers a penholder so that you don't have to constantly fish out the pen from the silo.

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Logitech PRO Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and Tab Pro 12.2 Video Review


Logitech Pro Keyboard Case


Bluetooth and Battery

The Logitech PRO Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 has built-in Bluetooth and it's very easy to pair it with the tablet. Turn the keyboard on and it'll go into pairing mode automatically the first time and use your tablet to pair and connect with the keyboard. If your tablet is connected with the keyboard, a key press will wake up the tablet and you can use the keyboard immediately. If you turn off the keyboard at night and turn it back on in the morning, it'll remember the connection and automatically reconnect with the tablet quickly.

Logitech claims 3 months of usage time for the built-in battery and so far we found battery life to be very good. It's a shame that the keyboard's charging port doesn't match the charging port of the tablet. This means you'll need to carry an extra charging cable. The Logitech PRO comes with a short USB 2.0 charging cable.


With the roomy 11.97" expanse on the Logitech PRO keyboard, the touch-typing experience is as good as that of a 12" laptop. Logitech makes excellent tablet keyboards and the Logitech PRO is no exception. The keys have good travel, spacing is perfect and the key surface has a matte texture that prevents your fingertips from slipping. The keyboard has a standard layout with an additional row of multimedia controls, Android specific launcher keys (browser, calendar, music player, multi-tasking and more), as well as Fn keys for most used functions such as cut/paste, Google voice command, search and more. The keyboard also offers four discreet directional keys as well. If you're used to typing on a 12" or 13" notebook keyboard, you should have no learning curve with the Logitech PRO.

Unfortunately for those who often type in the darkness, Logitech's folio style case keyboards don't have backlighting. If you don't need a case, and only need a Bluetooth keyboard, Logitech's K810 Bluetooth keyboard that's designed for Windows, Android and iOS offers great typing experience as well as backlighting. One of the advantages of having the keyboard in a case is that the display is closely positioned near the keyboard so that it can shed some light onto the keyboard, and the shiny keyboard deck on the Logitech Pro helps reflect the display light a bit as well.


The Logitech PRO Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is one of the few that are currently available for the new Galaxy Pro 12.2" tablets. The keyboard offers excellent typing experience thanks to the ample space, great key travel and standard keyboard layout. The Logitech PRO is also a very solid case that protects the entire tablet for either on your trips or just around the office. As with many Android keyboards, the Logitech PRO offers dedicated media playback controls, app launcher buttons as well as popular function keys. The built-in Bluetooth is very easy to use and the built-in battery offers excellent battery life. Caveats include no backlighting, the tablet holder groove isn't super steady and the keyboard case does add over a pound to your tablet.

Price: $129.99



Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Review


Logitech Pro Keyboard Case


Logitech Pro Keyboard Case


Logitech Pro Keyboard Case

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Devices: Samsung Galaxy Note PRO 12.2, Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 12.2

Size: 11.97 x 8.66 x 0.87 inches

Weight: 1.09 pounds

Package contents: Keyboard case, USB cable for recharging, Documentation


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