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Sony PSP Accessory Reviews: Gamer Graffix PSP Skins

Reviewed May 2005 by Alex Lifschitz

Gamer Graffix has been producing a steady line of quality skins for both stationary and mobile consoles alike, from systems like the Xbox and PS2, to portable systems like the GBA, and even to non-gaming products like the iPod. The company has recently introduced a line of skins for the Sony PSP. These skins, however, are good for more than just the aesthetics.

But first, we should get to that. The skins are very high-quality, with detailed, crisp images displayed all over the face of the skin, including great patterns and pictures that give the PSP a cohesive look, rather than a spaced, sporadic mix of images and half-cut-off shapes. They are made of a durable epoxy, and while it feels a little plastic-y, they by no means feel cheap, and it is also washable if you spill anything on it or get it dirty in any way (plus the shine from the plastic looks really nice). They come in a solid face skin and three separate pads for the back (which are surprisingly thin), so you may space the skins as you wish, and not interfere with any of the switches or slots on the back of the PSP. Even with the skins on, it still fits in most PSP cases. The entire skin is presented very well, and serves its function of making your PSP look great.

However, the real attraction of this skin has to do with the grip, which is what separates it from simple vinyl skins. The skin feels very natural, yet it still manages to adhere to your hand very well. It’s hard to have it slip out of your hand with this skin attached, but the grip really comes through when the system is placed on a table, desk, or any other flat surface. The thing won’t budge, even if you tilt the surface it’s resting on. It’s even hard to push it to one side or another while it’s on a flat surface. Despite this, removing the system from any surface is a simple matter of picking it up, as if the skin wasn’t on the PSP at all. This adds a welcome bit of protection against an accident-prone friend swiping it off a table, a sudden tilt of a desk which would make it slide off, or anything else that should cause it to fall. The skins themselves aren’t thick enough for major impact absorption, however.

The difficult aspect of this skin is the application. The adhesive itself is very sticky, even after multiple applications, and the skins can come off easily if you want to switch them out or take them off while leaving no residue, but will not come off without assistance. This means that not only are the skins durable and dependable, but they are easily taken off with no muss or fuss. The application, however, can be a chore. It goes on very well, especially the back, but (to the credit of Gamer Graffix) the face skin has precisely-cut spaces for the buttons. A simple centimeter-sized error in application mean you may have to reapply the whole skin, which is easy, but frustrating over multiple errors. The buttons and D-pad are simple enough to avoid, and somewhat the option buttons on the bottom of the PSP. The real problem here is the analog stick. The ring cut around the analog space is very finely-cut, and must be applied in a very precise manner or the analog stick’s movement will be hindered. Anytime you move it far enough, it will be stopped short of its maximum reach by the skin. However, after an hour or two of play, the analog stick will push the skin back far enough to allow normal play, at which point everything should be fine. It’s not a major problem, per se… You could even try a little home surgery to add some space to the button holes (though I don’t endorse it… Patience is the key). This is really the only downside to this otherwise fabulous skin set.



Gamer Graffix PSP skins:

Gamer Graffix skin on PSP


Gamer Graffix skin on PSP

So if you are looking for a skin for your PSP that’s both good-looking and secure, the Gamer Graffix skins are your best bet. While other skins may be a little thinner, these skins offer an unprecedented level of accident protection by making sure it will never fall off a table or slip out of your hands. At $19.99, it is a little pricey, but the security is worth it. This is a recommended purchase for anyone looking to keep their PSP from harm or accidents, as well as making it look great.

Gamer Graffix skin on Sony PS2

Gamer Graffix skin on XBox

Just for fun: Gamer Graffix skins for the Sony PS2 (left) and XBox (above).



Price: $19.99 (Free shipping to lower 48 states)




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