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Palm m500 and m505


Introduced in March 2001, the 500 series represents one of Palm's most exciting product introductions of the past few years. What's so exciting? Among other things, the m505 offers color in a very small sized unit, while both models have version 4.0 of Palm OS, a USB syncing cradle and Palm's first expansion slot.

The m505 has a 65,000 color 16 bit active matrix screen while the m500 has a grayscale screen. The color screen is not very saturated, a tradeoff for making it usable in outdoor lighting. Palm released the m515 in March 2002 to replace the m505, and it is similar to the 505, but has a much nicer color screen and 16 megs of RAM. The m500's grayscale screen is an improvment over older Palm models: gone is the green screen, this one has a more paper white display with gentle white backlighting.

Both the m500 and m505 units have an internal expansion slot housed at the top edge of the unit that can accept SD (secure digital) and MMC (multimedia card) cards. These devices include memory cards for added storage, pre-loaded software such as Atlases and eBooks, and Bluetooth wireless network cards.

The units are about the size of the Palm Vx, and maintain the Vx's svelt look and feel. The color unit is just a bit heavier than the grayscale one.

They come with a USB sycing cradle-- finally Palm has moved over to the much quicker and less quirky USB interface! Performance wise, you'll enjoy a fast Dragonball EZ processor running at 33 MHz (finally catching up to Handspring).

Pro: One of the best industrial designs anyone's seen on a PDA-- the 500 series, like the Palm V, is so small, slim and sleek. You won't notice this one in your shirt pocket. Finally, expansion, in the form of an SD slot, on a Palm brand PDA. Color screen is very viewable outdoors. Con: to make the color screen viewable outdoors, the indoor viewing experience isn't exactly saturated and vibrant.





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Display: Backlit 16 bit color LCD for m505, grayscale for m500. Screen resolution on both remains the same as previous Palm models: 160 x 160 pixels. Viewable indoors and outdoors.

Performance: 33MHz Motorola Dragonball VZ processor. 8 megs of RAM. 4 megs flash upgradeable ROM for OS.

Size: m500: .5 x 3.1 x .4 in. / 4.0 oz.
m505: 4.5 x 3.1 x .5 in. / 4.9 oz.

Audio: Built in speaker for alarms.

Battery:Rechargeable Lithium Ion.

Software: Palm OS 4.0 and the usual suite of Palm applications, including Address Book, Date Book, Clock, To Do List, Memo Pad and Calculator. In addition, DataViz Documents to Go is bundled (allows you to work with Word and Excel docs on your Palm). Also bundled are MGI PhotoSuite Mobile Edition, AvantGo, Pocket Mirror 3.0 (allows you to sync to MS Outlook), Palm Reader, MultiMail SE .

Modem: None included. Bonus: Mobile Internet Kit included, which can be used in conjunction with data-capable mobile phones and external modems to access Internet email accounts. AOL for Palm OS® handhelds included.


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