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Proporta Mobile Devie Charger Micro

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Reviewed April 2008 by Jacob Spindel

Another battery pack review? Haven't we already reviewed lots of these things? Aren't they all pretty much the same? Well, if any company does have the ability to make a battery back that stands out above the competition, then Proporta is probably that company. The company's attention to detail and focus on design are certainly apparent on the Proporta Mobile Device Charger Micro. Even in a fairly saturated market, the Micro stands out as a superior product.

Micro Management

I must admit that I don't usually use words like "sleek" or "elegant" when talking about a battery pack; however, the Micro is one good-looking product. Measuring 3.4 inches X 1.9 inches X 0.4 inches and 3 ounces, the Micro is a compact, rectangular unit with rounded edges and a deep black color. Unlike most other mobile chargers, the Micro doesn't have any built-in cables or dongles to snag or break; instead, it is simply a small, light single piece that is to carry with you almost anywhere. Two USB connectors on the top edge handle power input and power output, while a power button on the side of the Micro is accompanied by 5 LEDs that indicate charge level. That's all there is to it - if you're looking for confusing controls or unwieldy connectors, you won't find them here.

The Micro includes retractable cables with an impressive assortment of adaptors, enabling it to charge most Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung cell phones, as well as iPods, PSPs, and any devices that charge from a standard micro USB connection. You can, of course, use any standard USB charge cables you may have lying around as well, but the wide variety of devices that are supported out of the box greatly increases the overall value of the Micro, since you might otherwise have to purchase various additional cables to take full advantage of the product’s capabilities. A drawstring carrying case is also included.


The Micro’s battery has a capacity of 1700 mAh, which is quite a bit for such a small unit. It charges over USB and can reach approximately 80% full within 2-3 hours, although getting it all the way to 100% can take several additional hours. Its output, rated as 5.5 volts, packs quite a punch; in fact, most devices connected to it begin charging immediately, just as if they were connected to their regular charger. With many other portable battery packs, I have often found myself sitting there wondering, “Is it doing anything?” That won’t be happening with the Micro.

Proporta’s indicates that the Micro’s capacity is large enough to provide approximately 1.8-2.2 full charges for most cell phone models. With my iPhone, the Micro provided approximately one full charge, which may not sound like very much, but for an iPhone, one full charge is enough to watch a movie, make some calls, surf the web, and still have some power left over. The Micro effectively enables iPhone owners to carry two full charges along with them, which could easily keep a minimal or moderate user powered for an entire business trip.

Power Trip

I would’ve liked to weigh the positives of the Proporta Mobile Device Charger Micro against its negatives to determine its overall value, but I must admit that I’m stumped. There is simply nothing about it that I don’t like. It’s designed well, it works well, and it includes everything you need. Sure, lots of companies have made portable battery packs - but Proporta has made one right.

Pros: Compact size and design; strong power output; includes numerous connectors and carrying case; no “integrated cables” or easily breakable pieces.

Cons: None.

Company: Proporta

Price: $44.95



Proporta Charger








Proporta Charger


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