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JadeDragon's reviews and playing tips: Palm OS games

AcidSolitaire by Red Mercury, Price: $12
Reviewed April 2003

Developed by Red Mercury, AcidSolitaire was one of the first games to support the hi-res display on Sony Clies. Now with hi-res 320x330, 320x480 as well as the normal 160x160 resolutions, AcidSolitaire has become one of the most popular solitaire games for Palm OS.

With relaxed game rules and by forever adding backgrounds, AcidSolitaire is hoping to attract more and more casual card players who have a keen eye for sharp and colorful digital card tables. The game plays like the standard Klondike solitaire game, and the game rules allow you to look through the cards without any penalty as well as to move cards from the home cells back to a column. If you’ve lost track of a card, you can write numbers (0 through 9, J, Q, K) in the Graffiti area and AcidSolitaire will flash that card. There are also Auto-Turn and Auto-Move features where you can rely on the PDA to move the cards to home cells for you while leaving the strategic cards untouched for your future moves. There is also a warning feature when you have only one useful move left. Like many other solitaire games, AcidSolitaire will keep your statistics and give you options to deal 1-card or 3-card deal.

One of the unique features in AcidSolitaire is that it provides you with a rich collection of background images. The default color background pack includes different color themes and textures and you can scan through them with your jog-dial. There are quite a few additional background packs available for download, which include Hong Kong, Mt. Rainier, Bonaire Netherlands images and additional colors and textures packs. If you are using a Clie and have pictures stored in Sony’s PictureGear Pocket format, you can even use those pictures as your card table background. How would you like to play solitaire and admire your new car in the background? There are some additional interface features in AcidSolitaire to help make the game easier to play. There is a Menu button next to the home cells that gives you quick access to all game options. You will also find an in-game battery meter at the bottom of the game window and a leftie rotation feature in the options. If this still isn’t enough for you, when you win 3 or 5 games in a row, you get fireworks display.

The sound collection isn’t as impressive as the images. You will hear some basic beeps and dings, nothing terribly special. You can turn on or off the sound effects. AcidSolitaire supports both color and grayscale with hi-res support including full-screen display on NR/NX/NZ. It will run on Palm OS devices including OS 5.

With a large number of background packs available and more to come, AcidSolitaire is a great game for those who crave eye candy. For creative types, using your own images for the game should be an inspiration. It might not have every solitaire game format available, but it’s surely a good game for the casual solitaire player.


screen shot



Playing Hint and Tips

You can turn on or off the auto play features, which will determine how much you have to think vs. how much computer thinks for you.

Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics Great way to incorporating a classic game play with new and exciting images, especially if these images are your own creation. Support for standard, high res and high res + displays.
Sound The sounds are not that bad, but pale compare to the brilliant graphics.
Fun Meter Easy to pick up and play. You can have a lot of fun just getting your own pictures into the game. It could use more types of solitaire games to attract more veterans and compete with King Sol’s game collection.
Addictivity If you are a Klondike solitaire addict, this game will not disappoint.

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