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JadeDragon's reviews and playing tips: Zaurus Linux games

AnaCraze, by Gabriel Software, $19.95
Reviewed August 2002

From the name of the game, you probably guessed this is an anagram type of game. Developed by Gabriel Software, AnaCraze puts this popular game into the palm of your hand and can go wherever you go.

In AnaCraze, you get 6 letters and you need to come up as many three, four, five and six letter words as possible, from a given six-root letters. Every time you use up any of the six letters, you will get refill letters that insure you have the same 6 letters at all times. There is a window that shows the number of potential words and the word that you came up with that were accepted by game’s dictionary. The words in this window are separated by number of letters, so you can easily see what you have and how many words in certain number of letters are still missing at one quick glance.

This Basic Edition of AnaCraze contains a dictionary of 1000 unique 6 letter English words, plus all the words that are derivable from them. You will likely not get every single word if you are at my level. Don’t forget the derivable words, which I missed the most. There is a Mix button along with Enter and Clear buttons that will help you see words by reposition all the letters. If you entered letters by mistake, just click on the Clear button.

There is a time factor in this game to challenge those who are sharp at finding words. Higher levels of difficulty have shorter time periods to solve the words and will get higher point scores for each solved word. You can, however, cheat by pressing the pause button while finding the words and only use up the clock to enter your word. Luckily, you aren't required to score very high in order to advance to the next set of letters.

It was surprising fun for me since I'm not a huge word game fan. The easy to use interface and simple game play concept make this game very easy to pick up and keep playing.

Playing Hints and Tips
You can pause the clock when thinking about the words, and use the clock to enter them. Mix the letters when you are stuck. It will help you to see them in a different way.

screen shot



Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics Good use of screen with intuitive interface makes this game easy to pick up and play. The winning words could be bigger. I had the Zaurus 2 inches from my face when I checked those words.
Sound N/A Other than the clicking sound, there isn't anything else.
Fun Meter If you are an Anagram fan, this no doubt is the game for you. 3 difficulty levels should satisfy most of the players.
Addictivity It’s a great time filler game, and I've played it past my bedtime way too many times. Very addictive!

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