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JadeDragon's reviews and playing tips: Zaurus Linux games

Eligo, by Eon Games, $4.99
Reviewed August 2002

I’ve always been such a huge fan of Lines or Line Up games that when I first got a Zaurus I had to look for this type of game. Luckily, I found Eligo and was more than surprised that Eligo is everything I hoped for in a Lines game and much, much more!

Developed by Eon Games, Eligo gives you 8 types of Lines games that will suit newcomers as well as veteran players:

Lines: traditional Lines game
Free Move: for beginners, no move restriction
Eligo: traditional Lines game, harder than Free Move mode
Ogile: Bejeweled kind of set up, but instead of lining up 3 like in Bejeweled, you need to line up five pieces to erase
Tournament and Ogile Tournament: takes you through levels, you must complete required levels to move on
Progressive Lines and Eligo: it populates more balls in every drop than the other modes.

The game keeps a high scoreboard for each game mode, which is a great feature if you have a couple of friends or family members playing with you. You can also modify your game board size by selecting one of the default sizes or customize your own. At the easier levels, you can choose how many balls you want to drop each time.

Other than the flexibility and pure large number of game modes, another reason I love this game is its creative graphics and sound/music. The falling pieces are not the usual color balls, but different color shapes with 3D edges. The animations add much more movement to a flat board game, which is a very nice and refreshing touch. You can add more themes. These are not just skins or backgrounds, but ball pieces as well. Eon Games has already release another very cool theme called Industrial Theme, which you can download for free if you’ve purchased the game. There are some really cool sound effects and 4 music tracks that are like slow tempo digital music.

If you are still playing that old Lines game, give Eligo a try. Currently Eon Games is running a special so that you can get the game for cheap. So don’t wait any longer!

Playing Hints and Tips

Try different game modes, it’s fun to see the different game play and effects. Download more themes to change the look of your game.

screen shot

screen shot


Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics One of the most creative Lines game I’ve seen. Great graphics and animation with the ability to change themes.
Sound You will have some cool sound effects, the music tracks that'll bring back some 80’s memories .
Fun Meter Flexibility in game mode will make this game a crowd pleaser. The only thing I miss in Eligo is the ability to line up balls diagonally.
Addictivity If you are Lines game fan, you won’t let go of this game. I just hope that the developers and other people will come up with more themes.

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