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JadeDragon's reviews and playing tips: Sharp Zaurus Linux games

tkcMahjongg by, by, $5.45
Reviewed September 2003 by David Peach

Those who are addicted to Mahjong games will be satisfied with tkcMahjongg, developed by theKompany. It contains 105 tile layouts, two tile sets, and eight different backgrounds. You could play a different game setup every day for more than four and a half years without repeating. That would be before you used the layout editor which allows you to build your own tile layouts, delete, or modify existing ones.

If you have used other tkc applications, you will feel comfortable with tkcMahjongg. Along with being much like their other offerings in its look and feel, tkcMahjongg requires their helper application. Therefore, if you have any of theKompany applications, you will have to upgrade them all to the same version as the game.

There are two sets of tiles, one is the traditional Mahjong set, and the other is more designed for playing the game on a small handheld screen. This optional tile set is so nice that I cannot imagine anyone wanting to use the traditional set. Even though the background and tile look very sharp, seven of the eight included backgrounds are anime art and three of those are either nudes, or close to it. There is no need to include the questionable backgrounds. There is plenty of good oriental art without being bold and offensive. It would be nice if the level editor allowed you to add your own backgrounds or delete some of the included ones.

In the game, the screen taps seemed sluggish, but you get used to that fairly quickly. It has options to hint where the matching tiles are and to allow the game to play by itself. One would think that a game this simple would not need a manual or help file, but there are icons on the playing board that I never figured out. I was looking for an “undo” button (which does not exist) when I clicked a leftward facing arrow that cleared the screen and after a few seconds, declared me to be the winner.

As a Mahjong game, theKompany has done many things well with tkcMahjongg. While the selection of backgrounds is abundant, the questionable background art might not be in the best of tastes. If you can deal with the lack of help file and the need to upgrade all of your tkc helper applications, then this game is worthy of checking out. This game works with the SL-5x00, and C-7xx series Zaurii.

Playing Hints and Tips

Playing around with the backgrounds and layout, or designing your own pile will add fun to this traditional game.

screen shot


Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics Great choice of an alternate tile set. It has the standard tkc look and feel. Background art, though well done, is a poor choice.
Sound N/A No sound.
Fun Meter Multiple game layouts make this game something that is playable for quite some time.
Addictivity If you are addicted to Mahjong, you can’t help but like it. It would be more addictive if it had some kind of scoring and high score list.

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