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Super Drop Mania by Fathammer, Price: $14.95
Reviewed posted July 2005 by Marc Morgan

Fathammer has just released Super Drop Mania, a new puzzle game that looks much like Tetris, but is actually completely different. The gameplay concept is very different, and quite unique. To accompany gameplay, there are cheery-looking graphics, as well as some happy-sounding music. But how does Super Drop Mania compare to other puzzle games like Tetris?

Super Drop Mania has a unique gameplay that is quite easy to master. There are different colored blocks that are connected together if they are the same color, at the bottom of the screen. At the top of the screen, there is a row of six different colored blocks. You move the cursor on the top blocks to select the two blocks next to each other to swap or drop. When you drop them, they will fall to the bottom of the screen with the other blocks. There are two different types of blocks: Basic Blocks, and Exploder Blocks. When a Basic Block is dropped, it will connect with other blocks of its type if it is dropped on or next to one, or it will stay in its place after dropped. If an exploder block is dropped on a group of one or more of its color, it will explode and remove those blocks from the play area. Once you destroy enough blocks, a goal bar will appear, and you will have to destroy enough blocks to be under the goal bar. When this happens, all the remaining blocks under the bar will disappear, and you will advance to the next level. The levels continuously get harder to challenge you.

The controls in Super Drop Mania are a little hard to master. Since the game is played in a landscape view, all the buttons will be on the left of the device for use. The up and down buttons on the D-pad will move the cursor on the blocks at the top of the screen left and right. The left or right button on the D-pad will drop the selected blocks. The lowest button on your device will bring up the menu up. In the menus, the left and right buttons will scroll through the options, and the button second from the bottom from your device will select the options. The controls are a little hard to get used to, but after a while, you get used to them.

The graphics in Super Drop Mania are very cheery and colorful. Everything is rounded and looks smooth, adding a great effect. All the boxes during gameplay have rounded corners, adding to the smooth effect. There are also great explosive effects when you remove blocks from the play area, and they get even better when you make combos! The user interface also follows the smooth, cheery theme. Overall, the theme and graphics of Super Drop Mania provide a great addition to the already spectacular gameplay experience.

Super Drop Mania features both sound effects and music. The music continues to add to the already happy atmosphere. It sounds crystal clear, and fit the theme perfectly. The sound effects also make the game great. There are sound effects when you drop a block, and blow up some blocks, but the best sounds come from when you score a huge combo or beat the level. Super Drop Mania is a game you will want to make sure you have the sound on for!

Super Drop Mania features everything you'd want from a puzzle game. It has a great addictive, easy to play gameplay experience, smooth, colorful, and cheery graphics, and crystal clear sound effects and music to match the theme of the game. All of the features compliment the theme perfectly, creating a great happy atmosphere. How does it compare to games like Tetris? It has a similar-looking gameplay as games like Tetris, but the gameplay is completely different. It is just as easy to play, but is even more addictive! If you're a puzzle game fan, you don't want to miss playing Super Drop Mania! The game currently supports Pocket PC and Symbian Series 60 with Windows Mobile Smartphone support to come.

Playing Hints and Tips

* At first, try to play through the levels slowly until you feel you can go faster
* Play for a while to adjust to the controls


Screen Shots:

screen shot

screen shot


Pocket PC
Symbian Series 60




Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):


The cheery graphics were very smooth and colorful, and provided a great atmosphere to play in.


The sound effects and music were also cheery, and added to the gameplay, as well as contributing nicely to the theme.

Fun Meter

Super Drop Mania is like Tetris with a whole new concept added. It is just as easy to get into as Tetris, but offers a great, fun, unique concept.


With it's easy to get into, hard to put down gameplay, you'll be addicted to Super Drop Mania for a long time!


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