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Kensington Reversible netbook/iPad Sleeve

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What's hot: Neoprene provides good impact and moisture protection for your iPad. In spite of it being made for a netbook and rebranded, it’s a perfect fit. Inexpensive.

What's not: It’s functional, but it ain’t pretty. No access to your iPad without removing it from its protective case.


Reviewed June, 2010 by Thomas Slayton

The Kensington Reversible iPad Sleeve is a neoprene “envelope” that will protect your iPad from bumps, scrapes, and moisture. That is, of course, as long as you don’t remove it, which, by the way, you must do to actually use your device.

Size and Fit

This sleeve fits like a wetsuit on a supermodel, right down to the curved edges that match those of the iPad perfectly; this, in spite of it being originally designed for netbooks. It is no larger than it needs to be to cover your device and offers no storage for accessories.

Kensington reversible iPad sleeve

Features and Quality

The Kensington Reversible Sleeve is not long on features, but it seems to be up to Kensington’s usual quality standards, suffering no wear and tear as a result of my efforts to stress the seams. In fact, it’s only true “feature” is its reversibility, something that may not be important to everyone but, hey, when you need it, you need it.

Kensington reversible iPad sleeve


Common sense suggests that a minimalist style ensures that it will be the least incompatible with the largest number of end-users. I deliberately chose the words in that very awkward sentence because “least incompatible” is not the same as “most compatible;” something which this sleeve is not (stylistically speaking). While a no-frills design may be perfect for the netbook crowd, I suspect that iPad users are looking for something with a bit more personality.


Kensington Reversible netbook/iPad Sleeve is an inexpensive way to protect your iPad while in transit. The fact that you must remove your device to use it makes this sleeve less useful than it could be. Additionally, the distinct lack of style or flair may put off those who are looking to imprint their own personality on their brand new iDevice. However, the $9.99 price tag makes these shortcomings pretty easy to forget.


Price: $9.99

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