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Case-Mate Barely There for iPhone 4

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What's hot: Super-slim-fitting case provides scratch and scuff protection.

What's not: Won't provide as much protection against drops as some larger/bulkier cases.


Reviewed July 2010 by Tom Slayton


The Case-Mate Barely There case is designed to provide moderate protection for your new iPhone 4 without adding noticeably to its size.  It is made of somewhat flexible plastic so it is easy to grip, yet slips smoothly in and out of pockets and purses. It also comes with a reusable screen protector.

casae-mate Barely There iPhone 4 case

Size and Fit

The Barely There case is, well, barely there. It is the thinnest, lightest iPhone 4 case I’ve seen. It is designed both for minimalists and purists in that it is as close as you can come to going caseless without actually doing it. In spite of the fact that it just snaps onto the back, it holds your phone securely and no matter how hard I tried to devise a situation where it would release on its own, I couldn’t get it to pop out unless I pried it off with my fingers. All of the buttons and ports are accessible via cut-outs and it is thin enough to fit in most speaker docks.

casae-mate Barely There iPhone 4 case


Deals and Shopping

Features and Quality

I found this case to be very well-made. All of the cut-outs are well-placed and the plastic itself, while thin, are not cheap or fragile. The addition of a screen protector is not just an added bonus. It provides scratch/scuff protection to the front of the phone, something that the case itself does only in a limited way. The Barely There case does help with the iPhone 4 death grip issue: I gripped the iPhone firmly while in the case and it didn't drop a bar.

casae-mate Barely There iPhone 4 case

casae-mate Barely There iPhone 4 case


The Barely There case is available in black, white, pink, blue, clear, green, metallic silver and purple. The wide range of color choices means there is something here for everybody. It is sleek and svelte, and does an excellent job of showing off the clean lines of the iPhone 4 making this a solid choice for all but the most abusive of iPhone owners.  

casae-mate Barely There iPhone 4 case



Case-Mate's Barely There case is made of flexible plastic, and provides moderate protection for your iPhone without turning it into a brick. It is perfectly engineered to give you full access to all your buttons and ports, and grips your device securely. The addition of a screen protector means that you can most likely slip it into your purse or pocket and not worry that it will come out scratched or scuffed. It comes in a wide variety of colors so you shouldn’t have too much trouble expressing your personality with it. Case-Mate has taken their tried and true Barely There line and expertly adapted it to the iPhone 4.

Pro: Slim-fitting case provides scratch and scuff protection without adding any noticeable size to your iPhone. Provides full access to all ports (including docking port) via cutouts. Moderately rubberized finish makes it easy to keep a grip on your phone. Comes with screen protector.

Con: Won’t provide as much protection against drops as some larger/bulkier cases.


Price: $24.99

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