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iHome iD9 Speaker Dock for iPhone, iPod and iPad

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What's hot: Surprisingly good sound for such a compact unit. Integration of the iHome + Sleep and iHome + Radio Apps allows your iOS device to function as an uber alarm clock and an internet radio player.

What's not: The docking connector is angled too far to the rear, making it difficult to dock anything but a completely naked iPhone/iPod or 1st generation iPad.


Reviewed March, 2011 by Tom Slayton

The iHome iD9 is a speaker dock for iOS devices. It provides good sound quality for its size, and looks nice, to boot. It will operate for hours on its rechargeable battery, and is small enough to throw in a backpack.

The iD9 is an unobtrusive, almost elegant speaker dock for the iPod/iPhone/iPad. Its speakers are on the sides, allowing for a lower profile and for front-facing controls. This also helps with sound separation, an important consideration with small tabletop units. The sound quality of the iD9 is surprisingly good, especially considering that this unit can run equally well on its built-in rechargeable battery. Its small, almost cylindrical design makes it easy to stuff in a backpack or a dufflebag, and it runs for hours on a single charge.

iHome iD9

Unfortunately, the battery isn’t robust enough to charge your iOS device while it is unplugged, but considering its size and weight, this is not really a surprise. Including a battery large enough to power itself and an iPad would most likely turn this thing into a brick.

Docking is a cinch provided you are using an unencumbered iPhone/iPod/ iPad and iPad 2; just slide your device onto the spring-loaded docking connector and you’re off and running. While it is a simple thing to dock any of the above-listed devices with the iD9, docking an iPad 2 or any iPhone/iPad in a protective case, requires a great deal of effort and luck as the dock connector is angled too far to the rear of the unit for these things to fit easily. If you can manage it, however, I can verify that it works as expected with these units as well.

iHome iD9


The iD9 is designed to integrate with both the iHome + Sleep (free) and the iHome + Radio ($1.99) apps. The iHome + Sleep app is a full-featured clock radio application that provides multiple alarms, sleep timers, and integration with social media while the iHome + Radio application allows access to internet radio, and interfaces seamlessly with iHome + Sleep to allow you to wake to your favorite internet radio station. Both apps work as advertised, and add quite a bit of value to the iHome line of products.


The iD9 Speaker Dock is a great sounding, well made product, marred only by the angle of its dock connector. The integration of iHome’s apps greatly increase its value and functionality, and its portability means you can enjoy your music anywhere. Be warned, however, that attempting to dock an iPad 2 with the iD9 may scratch the back of your iDevice, and attempting to dock an iPhone/iPod in a bulky case will be difficult, at best.

Price: $99

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Size: Dimensions: 12.9" W x 2.06" H x 4.06" D. 3.25 pounds.



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