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iHome iDM12 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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What's hot: Very good sound for such a small unit. Surprisingly robust.

What's not: Stand won't accommodate iPad in a bulky case.


Reviewed March, 2011 by Tom Slayton

The iHome iDM12 is a portable Bluetooth speaker system and stand for the iPad and iPad 2. The Bluetooth speaker works with any Bluetooth-equipped iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but the stand is designed for the iPad and iPad 2, and iHome markets this as an iPad solution. Still, if you've got multiple iOS devices (or other Bluetooth devices with A2DP stereo), the speaker will play with them all. It’s highly portable and can play music wirelessly streamed to it from your iOS device via its previously mentioned Bluetooth module.

iHome iDM12


The iDM12 is quite small, but it packs a surprisingly good sound for its size. It comes with a magnetic speaker cover that, when removed, can double as an iPad (and iPad 2) stand. The fold-out feet add a great deal of stability, which is incredibly important when you are using it to prop up something as tall and heavy (relatively) as an iPad. As stable as it is, however, I recommend turning your iPad on its side before placing it in the stand. This will significantly lower the center of gravity, making it that much more stable.

There is a caveat, however; this stand will not work with any iPad case that significantly contributes to the overall thickness of the device. This isn’t a dealbreaker, though. Because the iDM12 communicates via Bluetooth or auxiliary input rather than a docking port, it is not necessary to use the stand at all.

iHome iDM12

If you find the idea of using Bluetooth devices somewhat intimidating, fear not; this one is completely effortless. Pairing instructions are provided, and the process is quite simple. Simpler still, is using it. Turn the speaker on, make sure Bluetooth is active on your iPhone/iPod/iPad, and start your music. Keep in mind that leaving your device’s Bluetooth module active, even if you are not using any accessories, will decrease your battery life.

The sound is surprisingly good; especially when you consider the size of the speaker and the fact that the music is streaming to it wirelessly. This sort of device would be most useful if you want to play your music but are not comfortable leaving your expensive electronics lying around. With this, you can put out the speaker and leave your iDevice safely secured nearby (within approximately 20’).

iHome iDM12


The iDM12 is an extremely portable, rechargeable, Bluetooth speaker system. The sound is very good for its size, the battery life is excellent, the Bluetooth component works flawlessly, and the integrated iPad stand is a nice touch. While the stand won’t work with all cases, this is minor complaint.

Pro: Very good sound for such a small unit. Surprisingly robust. Rechargeable. Speaker cover doubles as an iDevice stand. Works with iPad 2. Auxiliary cable included in case you don’t want to use Bluetooth.

Con: Stand works only with the iPad and iPad 2 (by design, so not a glaring negative).

Price: $69

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Specs and Features:

Aux-in jack Listen to aux audio sources

2-Color LED charging/pairing indicator

Stand & Bluetooth Audio work with iPad 2

Rechargeable battery

7.17" W x 2.27" H x 2.27" D. Weight: 0.35 pounds.



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