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iLuv Leather Cover for iPad

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What's hot: Subtle arrangement of Velcro attachment points allows it to function as a stand, as well. The soft, padded, suede-like interior provides great protection.

What's not: The Velcro is noisy and the large ‘iLUV” stamped boldly into the clasp renders even the black one nearly unusable for all but the most secure male iPad owner.


Reviewed June, 2010 by Thomas Slayton


The iLuv iPad Cover is a well-made, notebook style case for your iPad. It is designed to provide protection, functionality, and style and it mostly succeeds on all counts.

Size and Fit

The size of the iLuv is perfect in that it is no bigger than it needs to be. Some notebook-style cases suffer from “feature creep” and end up approximately the size of a portable aircraft carrier. Not so the iLuv. While you won’t find any hidden pockets or zippered storage compartments, it remains thin and lithe as a result. I also found the case to be a perfect fit for the iPad. It was snug but not tight, and all of the buttons and ports were accessible.

iLuv leather iPad case


Features and Quality

While the iLuv may be short on obvious features such as extra storage, it doesn’t take long to see that a lot of thought went into the clever use of Velcro attachment points to allow it to also function as a stand. I found myself unwilling to trust it with my iPad in the vertical orientation (although I can’t confirm that it was ever designed to support the device in this way). However, it was quite stable when set horizontally. In this configuration, the clasp bends backwards and attaches to the back cover and because it is made of leather, I was able to find no discernable wear as a result of repeatedly bending the covers through their entire ranges of motion. The one downside of the use of Velcro is it makes it impossible to access your iPad quietly.

iLuv leather iPad case



Deals and Shopping





I found the style to be skewed distinctly toward the feminine. I got the distinct impression that this was intentional, however, because even the black model comes with the word “iLuv” stamped in large letters right on the clasp. I know, of course, that adults shouldn’t worry about such things. But I also know that if I carried my iPad into a meeting with an iLuv case wrapped lovingly around it, I would leave the meeting with my underwear pulled over my head. Sometimes, life just isn’t fair.

iLuv leather iPad case

iLuv leather iPad case



The iLuv iPad Cover well-made, well-designed notebook style case for your iPad. The clasp doubles as a means of turning the case into a horizontal stand for your device, and all of the buttons and ports are nicely accessible. It’s feminine styling might put-off some, but if it’s your cup of tea, you won’t be disappointed with it.

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Price: $39.99



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