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iPod Nano Stripe Cases by Sumo

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Reviewed April, 2006 by Jacob Spindel, Chief iPod Correspondent

Part of the reason that Apple's iPod nano has been so successful is its sleek visual appearance. Image-conscious people who bought a nano based at least partially on looks probably wouldn't want to just stuff their new iPod into a plastic bag—they want a case that can complement the nano's beauty. Many iPod cases emphasize functionality or protection above all else, but the iPod Nano Stripe case by Sumo Cases takes a different approach: it makes a fashion statement.

Sumo iPod nano case

The Stripe case is available in red and black. Both versions feature a molded eva foam for protection, which is covered with real leather. The front cover opens to reveal the screen and click-wheel for when the nano is in use, and the bottom includes one large hole through which you can access both the Dock Connector and the headphone port. When closed, the cover attaches via Velcro. A removable wrist strap is also included. The case is only a few millimeters taller and wider than the nano itself, but it does have significantly more depth than a plain nano does.

Under Cover

The Stripe looks great, and it would make a good accessory to a designer wardrobe. The front cover provides good protection when you're not using the nano, but, unlike with some other cases, the screen and click-wheel are completely exposed and unprotected when the cover is open. Screen protection has been a significant concern to some potential nano buyers.

Although the case is fairly small and light, its depth made it feel somewhat bulkier than what I was used to for nano cases. The port access at the bottom can also be tricky to reach because it is slightly recessed, but it is effective and gets the job done. Of course, this sort of case cannot be left on while using a speaker set or other docking-type system. The top of your nano is completely protected, but also completely inaccessible, including the hold switch. The inclusion of a wrist strap is a nice touch.

Stripe nano case



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Case Closed

I would highly recommend the iPod Nano Stripe case to anyone who greatly values appearance and wardrobe and wants a great match for his/her outfit. People who are more technically minded, however, may want to consider a case that focuses a little more on function and a little less on form, such as models from iSkin.

Pro: Fashionable; well-made from luxurious materials while still being affordable; includes wrist strap.

Con: Bulky; no screen or click-wheel protection while nano is in use.

Price: $34.99

Web site:

Compatibility: iPod nano (both colors work with all nano varieties).



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