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Palm OS Database Review: Database Professional, HanDBase, MobileDB and SmartList To Go
Posted December 2004 by Tanker Bob

Page 3: MobileDB Access 4.1.4 by HandMark

HandMark markets and distributes a host of software. Their offerings cover the expanse of Palm OS applications, some better known than others. MobileDB is one of several database offerings on their web site. It's been around a while, and again this review provided an opportunity to see what’s new.


screen shot


With the exception of its wireless features, MobileDB represented the simplest of all the entries. It's pretty much a text list manager. The handheld app presents a basic list of the databases available. Tap on a database to open the table. Tap on an entry to bring it up for editing or reading the longer text fields.

MobileDB doesn't support forms or queries as best I can tell. It does have password support for individual databases. It furnishes support for just 7 data types, but can export the appropriate types to the Palm Datebook/Calendar or Address Book/Contacts. Databases may be located on the card.


screen shot


The MobileDB-Access Desktop supports both MobileDB-PC format and Access import/export, but with separate programs. The MobileDB app allows editing the databases on the PC. It will also convert to/from CSV format. The Access exchange program handles conversions between the respective formats, but will only import one Access table to one MobileDB database. I tested the conversions with Access data tables, and encountered no difficulties. MobileDB was the only app not to use a dedicated HotSync conduit.

The latest versions of MobileDB include some powerful wireless connectivity support. Email addresses, phone numbers, and web addresses will link directly to apps that can connect if using the correct data types. You can also download databases wirelessly from Memoware directly to MobileDB. These capabilities provide welcome wireless features for those with devices so equipped.

MobileDB is a very simple database app with lots of support in the community. There are quite a few free databases in MobileDB format on the web. MobileDB for Palm OS with MobileDB-Access sells for $29.99 as tested.


Wireless support

Transfer Palm Address Book/Contacts and Datebook/Calendar entries

Simple to use


No forms or query support

Supports limited data types

No reporting capability


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