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Jabra Stone

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What's hot: Attractive design and comfy. Very good voice with most phones and strong DSP.

What's not:The front button is a bit too easy to press accidently. Right ear only.


Review posted December 2009 by Tong Zhang, Senior Editor

Jabra is a company that’s produced many Bluetooth headsets, and it's currently going through a design renaissance that produced the very modern looking Jabra Halo and now the Jabra Stone. The Jabra Stone is a small and curvy Bluetooth headset that’s comfortable to wear and has crisp voice quality and loud volume when working with many phones. The DSP is strong and effective on the Jabra Stone and it can block most background noise while maintaining loud and clear speech. The charging base completes the “stone” look and it has a built-in battery that can re-juice the headset on the go. The Jabra Stone works with phones that have Bluetooth headset and handsfree profiles as well A2DP though the Stone can only do mono audio.

Jabra Stone


The Jabra Stone looks like nothing else currently on the Bluetooth headset market, yet it fits the ear effortlessly. The headset has a flexible and well-constructed form and both the ear hook and the earpiece are made of a soft material that feels good when contacting the skin. The earpiece is rather robust, and hides discretely behind the front plate. The Jabra Stone comes with three eargels in different sizes. The Stone is designed to fit the right ear only. The headset is easy to put on and controls are minimal: the tip of the front plate hides the multi-function button and it clicks when you press it. The front plate acts also as a touch volume control, just stroke up or down on the front plate to change the volume when in a call. There are two LED indicator lights on the inner side of the headset: one indicates Bluetooth pairing status and the other indicates battery status. The headset also comes with a thin clothing clip to hang the headset on your shirt when it’s not on your ear.

Unlike many mono Bluetooth headsets, the Jabra Stone has a partner. The charging base is also quite small and has a smooth but not shiny surface that matches the headset’s front plate. The headset sits securely in the charging base, which not only makes charging the headset easier but also helps to prevent losing the small headset. The small headset has tiny contacts that mate with the charging base, and it can last three times as long in talk time and five times in standby when combined with the battery in the charging base. When you charge the Jabra Stone, both the headset and the charging base get charged. The LED light on the charging base can tell you how much juice it has to power the headset.




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Pairing and Features

The Jabra Stone has Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR and can pair with up to 8 devices and works with 2 simultaneously. Pairing is very easy and the headset has not failed in our tests with many phones. The Jabra Stone will go into pairing mode automatically the first time you turn it on.  Use your phone to search and pair with the headset using the default code “0000”. For subsequent pairing, press and hold the call answer/end/multi-function button with the headset turned off until the LED light flashes blue and the battery light is solid green.

The multi-function button on the Jabra Stone can answer calls, end calls and reject calls when a call is coming in. It can also redial the last number on a Handsfree phone and activate voice dialing. Voice dialing worked very well on all the phones we tested.

Jabra Stone

Voice Quality and Range

The Jabra Stone has very good voice quality when used with many phones but like all Bluetooth headsets it doesn’t work with every phone flawlessly. The incoming voice was almost uniformly sharp and loud, but outgoing voice sounded overly digitized with the HP iPAQ Glisten. The Jabra Stone has middle of the road Bluetooth range, reaching 15 feet on average between the headset and the phone. Here are details on some of the phones we tested:

When working with the iPhone 3GS
Audio quality was good when working with the iPhone 3GS. Incoming voice was very clear but not very loud. We had to turn the volume way up to hear on a quiet road. If you tend to travel in very noisy environments like highways or airports, the headset might not have sufficient volume. Outgoing voice was louder but it was less crisp than incoming voice. There was a slight buzzing on the outgoing end but our call recipients had no trouble understanding us. The DSP worked effectively to filter out most background noise. The range between the Jabra Stone and the iPhone 3GS was about 15-20 feet.

When working with the Droid by Motorola:
The Jabra Stone worked reasonably well with the Droid by Motorola, a phone that has outgoing volume issues with some headsets (using the original release phone firmware). The Jabra sounded less clear compared to the iPhone 3GS, but both incoming and outgoing voice quality were good enough to carry on a smooth conversation. The volume was very loud on both ends and the DSP worked reasonably well. We could have conversations in a big box store with PA blasting. The range between the headset and the Droid was less than 15 feet.

When working with the HP iPAQ Glisten:
The Jabra Stone has good incoming voice quality but distractingly digitized outgoing voice. Incoming voice was clear though not as clear as with the iPhone. But it was more than clear enough to carry on a smooth conversation, and the volume was also good. But outgoing voice quality was subpar and sounded so digitized that it was distracting. The DSP however worked effectively and the range was about 10 feet.

Battery Life

The Jabra Stone’s battery life is very good, especially when you have both the headset and the charging base handy. The combined battery life of the headset and the charging base produces up to 8 hours talk time and 12 days of standby. Our battery tests showed these were realistic numbers. The Jabra Stone comes with an AC charger that has a very short cable, and the package also includes a USB charging cable. The Jabra Stone takes about 2 hours to charge. The headset has both an audio and LED alarm for low battery life and the charging stone also has an LED light to indicate how much power it has left and how long it can power the headset.

Jabra Stone


With the Jabra Stone, form does follow function, and the result is a very attractive, modern-looking and usable headset. The Stone is very comfortable to wear. The voice quality is clear and loud on most of the phones we tested and the DSP worked very effectively. The headset has the latest Bluetooth features and can pair with multiple partners. In addition to the “right ear only” limitation, the Jabra Stone has one small flaw: the multi-function key/answer/end call button in the front is a bit too easy to press by accident. Users must learn to adjust the headset’s positions by holding the sides without touching the front to avoid accidentally hanging up on a call.

Pro: Attractive design and comfy. Very good voice with most phones and strong DSP.

Con: The front button is a bit too easy to press accidently. Right ear only.

Package contains the Jabra STONE Bluetooth headset, an AC charger, a clothing clip, three eargels and a printed manual.

Technical Specs:
-Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR
-Profiles supported: Headset, Handsfree and A2DP
-Claimed talk time: Up to 8 hours
-Claimed standby time: Up to 12 days
-Headset size: 2.3 x 2 x 1 inches.
-Headset weight: 0.25 oz. (headset), 0.92 oz. (total)
-AC adapter: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz


Price: $129.99

Web site:





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