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Accessory & Gadget Reviews


Cases for Notebooks, Smartphones and PDAs

eBook Readers

iPhone, iPod and iPad accessories

Cases for Tablet PCs and Subnotebook PCs

Bluetooth Headsets and Handsfree Car Kits Jabra, Plantronics, Cardo, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and many more.

Keyboards for PDAs and smartphones

Memory Cards, Flash Drives and Readers CompactFlash, SD Cards, MMC cards, USB flash drives, card readers, cases and more

Sumdex She Rules PDA & Notebook Bags for Women


WiFi (802.11b/g/n) Network Cards and Adapters for Pocket PC, Palm OS, Handheld PC, Sharp Zaurus and Sony.

Bluetooth Product Roundup and FAQ: CF cards, SD cards, printer modules, access points, USB adapters and headsets with in-depth setup information.

Enfora Compact Flash GSM/GPRS Card: for Pocket PCs and Windows notebooks.

ENR Technologies Pegasus III 56k Modem: a universal IR land line modem that works with most all Palm OS, Pocket PC, WinCE and Psion PDAs as well as PC notebooks and desktops

ENR Technologies BlueGate 56k Modem: a dialup 56k fax/modem with Bluetooth that works with Bluetooth enabled PDAs and computers

Sprint PCS CF2031 Compact Flash Card CDMA2000 (PCS Vision) with PC Card adapter

Wireless Internet Access (wide area, non-WiFi solutions)

Verizon Sierra Wireless AirCard 555 CDMA 1xRTT high speed data access PC Card


GPS FAQ Here's the lowdown on how GPS technology works. Includes links to product reviews.

How to Evaluate a GPS

AmbiCom GPS Navigation Receiver CF Card for Pocket PCs

ASUS A636 Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 5.0 with GPS

ClarionMiND Portable navigation and Internet device

CoPilot GPS for Pocket PC

Dell Bluetooth GPS for Dell Axim PDAs with Bluetooth

Destinator GPS for iPAQ, Jornada 525 and 560 series and Casio E-125

Garmin iQue 3600 Palm OS PDA with integrated GPS

Garmin iQue M3 Pocket PC with GPS

Garmin iQue M5 Pocket PC with GPS

HAiCOM GPS CF, cabled and Bluetooth solutions for many PDAs.

Mapopolis Platinum with HOLUX GPS for many PDAs!

Mitac Mio 168 Pocket PC with integrated GPS

Navman GPS for Palm m125, m130, and all m500 series models

Navman GPS for iPAQ 3600 through 5400 series in sleeve format

Nexian HandyGPS for Handspring Visor

OnCourse Navigator 4 for Pocket PC

PalmOne GPS Navigator Bluetooth GPS for the Tungsten T3 and Zire 72

Pharos Bluetooth GPS for Pocket PCs (can convert to cabled and CF GPS)

Socket Bluetooth Nav Kit GPS for Pocket PCs

Sony Car Cradle GPS PEGA-CC5 for Clié NX73V, NX80V and TG50 models

Space Machine PocketMap Navigator for many Pocket PCs, CF or Y-Cable

TomTom Navigator GPS USA for Pocket PCs


Add-on Cameras for PDAs

Nexian NexiCam: A sleeve for iPAQ 3600 through 5400 model Pocket PCs that turns your iPAQ into a digital camera. Includes a CF type II slot.

Veo Photo Traveler: for Palm OS (SD card) and Pocket PCs (CF type II card). A neat $99 digicam that slides into your expansion slot and lets you take still images and videos.

FlyCAM CF 1.3MP: For Pocket PCs with a CF slot. This type I CF card from LifeView is a 1.3MP camera with flash.

VGA Presentation Cards for PDAs (PowerPoint and Video Mirroring)

Margi Presenter-to-Go: Available for Palm, Sony and Pocket PCs, Margi supports PowerPoint presentations and video mirroring.

IA Presenter CF VGA Card : for Pocket PCs (CF type I card). A card and software solution that is quite powerful and versatile.

LifeView FlyPresenter CF VGA Card: for Pocket PCs (CF type I). A presentation card with IR and pen remote bundled with IA Style's presentation software.


Portable Printers for PDAs
Pentax PocketJet 200 Printer: A 200 dpi portable thermal printer that works with Palm OS, Pocket PC, Blackberry and Psion PDAs. It supports cabled printing, IR and Bluetooth.


Video Recorders
Sony Clié Video Recorder VR100K : Think of it as Tivo for your Clié. The recorder is about the size of a compact external CDROM drive and has a built-in TV tuner. It can record your favorite TV programs to Memory Sticks so you can watch them on your PDA.


Books and Reference on PDAs
A Selection of PDA Books from Amazon: Palm, Pocket PC reference, how-to, programming and medical reference digital books for your PDA


SCOTTeVEST Microfleece Pullover: A stylish all-season fleece pullover with 5 versatile pockets.
SCOTTeVEST Tactical 4.0 System: This 52 pocket jacket has both a shell and fleece liner, each with removable arms.
SCOTTeVEST Sport TEC and TEC Windshirt: The SCOTTeVEST line of clothing has become synonymous with geek-chic outerwear that offers plenty of nooks and crannies to hold your portable tech gear. We've reviewed two of their products in this review.


Cradles, Cables, Chargers
Seidio INNODock Palm Treo 650 Cradle: So your Treo 650 didn't come with a desktop cradle but you want one? Check out Seidio's offering, which comes in three colors.


PDA Accessories
iPAQ Expansion Sleeves CF, PC Card, Camera and more from Compaq and others
MemPlug iPAQ Expansion Sleeves dual CF and CF + memory Stick
PocketRADIO from iBIZ Technology: CompactFlash FM Radio for Pocket PCs
Accessories and Cases for the Zaurus C760 & C860


FAQs, How To's, Primers and Comparisons
by Lisa Gade, Editor-in-Chief

General PDA FAQ
If you're new to the world of PDAs, read this first.

Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Comparison Matrix
Comparing Pocket PCs, Pocket PC Phones and PPC GPS models, with shopping comparison links.

Pocket PC Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Comparison Matrix
Comparing Pocket PCs that run 2003 SE.

Pocket PC Windows Mobile 2003 Comparison
Comparing the Pocket PC 2003 brands.

Pocket PC 2002 Comparison
Comparing the older Pocket PC 2002 models and brands.

Palm vs. Pocket PC Comparison
Maybe the only place you can read this sort of thing without a flamewar.

How to Install Vista on the Mac (and even triple boot Mac OSX, Windows XP and Vista)

How to Rip DVDs to Palm, Pocket PC and Smartphones

How Much RAM (memory) Do You Need?
Why do Pocket PCs have so much more RAM than Palm OS devices? How much memory do you need to do what you have in mind?

Memory Expansion Cards Explained and Compared
There are so many kinds of storage cards out there, and your PDA may be able to use more than one kind. CompactFlash, SD card, MMC card: we discuss them all here! Includes product reviews and comparisons.

WiFi - 802.11b Wireless Networking
WiFi wireless networking, also known as 802.11b, is all the rage these days. Why not make your most portable computer, the PDA a wireless Internet surfer? Includes product reviews and comparisons.

Wireless Networking Options
For access while most anywhere in the US, this article covers some WAN (wide area networking) solutions using cellular networks and other providers like Omniksy and

Here's the lowdown on how GPS technology works. Includes links to product reviews.

Which PDAs work with the Mac, and how to get them connected.

Bluetooth FAQ and Product Roundup: Information on Bluetooth and in-depth setup and installation of several popular products for your PDA, notebook and PC: CF cards, SD cards, printer modules, and USB adapters.

Moving from Palm to Pocket PC and Vice Versa: thinking about making the switch from Palm to Pocket PC or Pocket PC to Palm? Wondering how to get your contacts, calendar and other info into your new PDA? Then this article is for you.

Comparing Office Applications for Palm OS
Need to work with Word and Excel documents on your Palm? Read our comparison of Documents to Go Pro, Quickoffice and iambic Office for Palm OS PDAs. We provide extensive comparison tables of word processor, spreadsheet and desktop applications.

ThunderHawk: a killer web browser for Pocket PCs
Here's a new browser that brings the desktop browswer experience to your Pocket PC! View pages in landscape mode, optimized to fit your screen.




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