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06/03/05 12:15 PM
Palm Zire 31 + GPAS Holux

I bought a palm zire31 recently and I will wish to connect to him a receiver GPS (holux gm-210) which I also have. The connector of the GPS being a port ps2, I do not find a cable allowing to connect my palm with this gps.

I bought a car-fed HUB USB which enables me to feed my GPS. In addition, I connect my palm to Gps via the HUB.

On the other hand, I do not receive any signal of the GPS (software of navigation that I use (mapsonic 2.5) does not find a GPS on port 4800.)

- is it necessary to parameterize a particular connection on the PALM??
- is it necessary to use a specific cable so that the palm can receive information of GPS(other that the Hot-Sync cable)???

I thank you by advance for your answers.

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