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04/24/09 03:36 AM
Re: Ancient Evil

Can this possibly be the "Ancient Evil" I'm stuck on? I have it on a computer rather than a phone, but it's also divided into levels--what I'm playing has you as an adventurer of sorts exploring a dungeon and facing the evil mage Alaric. Anyways, if it's what I think, and if you're referencing the early puzzle that "the seasoned traveler knows" the answer to, I brute-forced it, but I remember that the solution has 4 buttons held down. I might be able to help with level 14 if I get more specific information. My own problem is also on level 22. From the room you descend into, I unlocked the west door with the orange key, and in the next room went through both nearby portals. Through the north portal, I pulled the lever and killed the stone golems; through the south portal, I found only traps disguised as floor buttons, and no actual floor buttons, and so could do nothing. I couldn't solve the lever puzzle against the west wall. I went through all the marked doors to the north and east of the starting room, but couldn't find any secret doors. Through the door south of the starting room I found a secret passage in the southwest with a lever at the other end, and pulled it to reveal a portal. Through the portal was a door that "is operated elsewhere," with two secret doors adjoining it, and through a bit of searching and lever-pulling I was able to get to a floor button, which I left a potion on so it would be held down. I could not figure out how to open the door, nor could I open the locked door in the south room, which seems to be immune to lockpicks--perhaps I missed a key somewhere up above? I also cannot figure out the meaning of the sign about how "the lady likes to be entertained," though I'm guessing I have to use the flute somewhere. (If the reader didn't get a flute, they're for sale in the shop that requires a VIP pass.) Oh, and I have a sheet of paper I found on Level 21 that maps out a few rooms and gives the patterns checkmark-X-X-checkmark and X-checkmark-X-X, but those don't seem to correspond to the lever puzzle, and I'm not sure what they would correspond to. Help, please?

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