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04/24/05 01:47 AM
PalmWi-Fi/T3/MacAirport question

I'm having a connecton problem that seems curious to me - need someone with better technical background than I. Using a Palm Tungsten T3 with Palm Wi-Fi card and my home Airport Extreme/Airport Express network, I connect just fine, strong signal, when the base station and extender and Wi-Fi card are all configured to WEP128, and when they're configured to no encryption. The connection is good either way. However, using the connection is not good either way. With the base station confirmed connected to the internet, I connect with my email server using VersaMail on the T3 and browse the web using Xiino with no problem when in the unencrypted mode. However, with everything set to WEP128 (104), although the Palm to Airport connection signal is strong, VersaMail invariably reports unable to resolve my email server address, and Xiino times out. It doesn't seem to me that WEP or no WEP should make any difference when the Palm to network connection is clearly good both ways, but it does. Since I don't want to leave my wifi network unprotected this makes the Palm wi-fi card useless to me. The whole system works fine in any encryption mode (none, WEP, WPA) when using it with my G4 Mac PowerBook, OS10.3.9.

Any help out there? Thanks, JM

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