06/18/04 08:13 PM
Re: PDA-Phone: Anextek SP230

I just had the chance to use the AT&TW version of that called Audiovox 4100. It was very good. I really enjoyed the time(two weeks) I spent in using it, and was sad to return it ONLY due to dropped calls as GSM is not good here YET.I did not have the issue of sound..they must have fixed it in the newer shipments.I did install everykind of third party software in it and not once did it ever give me that deer in the head light look!!!Wow,what a difference it makes from the PPC 02 to PPC 03!!. I just was not able to get good GSM coverage.
oops..I forgot to mention it does not have the flip-keyboard. You have to use the Virtual Keyboard!!!. AT&TW has been selling them since this Tuesday..June.14.2004

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